Your Guide To Editing Your Closet

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    Cleaning out your closet is a task that’s about as much fun as going to the dentist or filling out lengthy paperwork, but just like paying rent, it must be done. To make this daunting-yet-totally-refreshing experience easier on you, we created a friendly guide that will help you decide what’s worth keeping and what needs to go. The result will be a perfectly edited wardrobe, which will make getting ready even easier. Closet clutter, be gone!

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    Keep your best blazers, but go ahead and sell or donate the ones that are uncomfortably too tight or faded far from their original color.

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    Blouses And Button-Down Shirts

    Always maintain a solid selection of office-appropriate blouses in your closet. Get rid of any ill-fitting or permanently stained blouses and button-down shirts.

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    When editing your dresses, ask yourself one question. Have you tried it on three times in the past year, without actually wearing it? If so, it’s time to realize it’s just not going to happen.

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    Try on every pair and make a pile of your favorites. From there, keep one or two of each jean style: skinny, cropped, boyfriend, distressed, boot-cut, and flared—you want to have options. Confession: A minor denim addiction isn’t entirely a bad thing, so we also suggest keeping a larger selection of the style that is most flattering for your body.

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    Did it shrink in the dryer? Donate it. Is it pilling like crazy? Donate it. Does it have moth holes that aren’t worth fixing? Donate it. Is it fine, but very similar to other pieces you already own? Keep two (okay, three) of your favorites, and donate the rest.

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    Printed Tops

    Hang on to a selection of the timeless prints: animal, polka dot, stripes, and gingham. Sift through the rest of your printed-top collection, keep your absolute favorites, and give away anything that’s too trendy or that you haven’t worn in at least six months.

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    Can you think of at least three occasions and ways to wear a particular skirt? If not, this may be the moment to officially retire it.

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    Is the neck stretched out? Donate it. Does it smell odd? Donate it. Does it belong to your ex-boyfriend? Donate it.

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    Check the bottom of your pants: are the ends tattered and stained? If so, it’s time to let them go. (Side note: if you properly tailor your trousers, this shouldn’t happen!)

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