Kate Moss

When we were in grade school, our mothers used to tell us that imitation was the most sincere form of flattery. While it didnÂ't seem like that at the time (it just seemed like Kim was ripping off our style), weÂ've grown up a tad and realize Mom had a point. Bearing this in mind, weÂ'd like to introduce WhoWhatWear DailyÂ's first Single White FemaleÂ--Kate Moss.

Now, naturally we donÂ't mean Â"Single White FemaleÂ" in the creepy hook-up-with-your-friendÂ's -boyfriend, get-the-same-haircut style of the wonderful 1992 film starring Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh. But spying on MossÂ's style on her recent trip to St. BarthÂ's? Totally okay with us.

Despite the tropical location, Moss often stuck with a somber palette of black and grey. When arriving on the island (above, left), Moss was wearing tight grey jeans, black studded belt, black moccasin ankle boots, black tee, shrunken grey blazer, and celeb favorite, Ray Ban New Wayfarer sunglasses in dark tortoise. Changing into more weather-friendly fare, Moss slipped on a super-plunging black maillot swimsuit and long strands of black pearls. We found some (scarily) similar items for your SWF perusal.

1. Linea Pelle Belt, $62.09, bluefly.com.
2. Ray Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses, $129.95, sunglasshut.com.
3. Tommy Bahama Shirred Plunge One Piece Bathing Suit, $118, nordstrom.com.
4. Ligne St. Barth's Avocado Oil, $45, beautyhabit.com.
5. Majorica Tahitian Pearl Necklace, $480, nordstrom.com.
6. Marc Jacobs Patchwork Carolyn Bag, $1250, eluxury.com.
7. Minnetonka Lace Up Bootie, $48, urbanoutfitters.com.
8. French Connection Pinstripe Fitted Blazer, $168. fcuk.com.

But enough about us, what about you? Who has such great style that youÂ'd like to SWF their wardrobe? Post here (or with pictures in the Show & Tell forum) and let us know.

Photos of Kate, courtesy of www.infgoff.com


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