15 Signs You Have A Serious Shopping Habit

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    Do you count shopping as your cardio, therapy, and stress-relief? Have you ever forgone food for Fendi? If you’re anything like us, you answered affirmatively to these telltale indicators of a serious retail habit. For anyone still in denial, check out the 14 signs that you have a full-blown shopping obsession.

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    1. You know your postman's delivery schedule better than he does.

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    2. You have a box in your garage labeled: Target collaborations.

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    3. You follow your favorite sales girls on Instagram.

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    4. The amount of dressing room selfies on your phone outnumbers pictures of food, friends, and pets combined.

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    5. Your lunch break consists of cruising the new J.Crew catalogue.

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    6. You go to a sample sale alone to narrow down the competition.

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    7. You check WhoWhatWear.com before your morning coffee.

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    8. You’ve debated renting a storage locker simply to house your shoes.

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    9. Your math skills generally suck, but you’re a whiz at percentages.

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    10. Your collection of shopping bags is definitely a fire hazard.

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    11. You have a tag-snipping ritual.

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    12. You mutter under your breath, “get with the program” when online retailers don’t offer free shipping.

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    13. Cruising the closets of Pinterest gets you giddy with excitement.

    Our favorite closets here.

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    14. Amazon 1-Click ordering changed your life.

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    15. The phrase “flash sale” makes you feel alive inside.

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