What's New - April

What's New - April
Monday, April, 14, 2008 As editors, we spend our days sifting through products and press releases, constantly scrutinizing what┬'s in our proverbial sieve. Naturally we find a way to work our favorite pieces into both our stories and web series, but invariably we simply can┬'t showcase it all. Wanting to share our finds (yeah we┬'re altruistic), we hatched a plan to construct a space that we could stock with all the stuff we love. Today we┬'re jubilant to officially introduce the newest section of WhoWhatWearDaily.com┬--Shop The Closet.

Inside you┬'ll find all the items that we┬'re currently crazy about, broken down into 10 different categories for your shopping convenience. We┬'ll keep the closet updated and introduce as scores of new product on a regular basis, so you don┬'t get bored. Like the rest of our content, you find a mixture of price points and, hopefully, much that will make you feel like updating your wardrobe. Who knows, perhaps you┬'ll even find that piece you┬'ve been searching for, like that key belt that will pull all your outfits together or the perfect dress for all your spring/summer events. The prospects are good!
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