Our favorite screen sirens are currently in an A-list style spin of fittings, hair appointments and make-betters galore as they prep for their big date with a certain golden statue! And while we can't wait to see how they shine on Sunday's red carpet, we didn't want you, dear readers, to feel left out of the fashionable fray! That's why we've let the festive fever seep into our virtual closet with glitzy picks like metallic dresses, confetti nail polish, and gilded platform shoes. Take your outfit from fine to shine with Alexis Bittar's Knot Necklace ($395) or TBA's Gold Silk Lame Dress ($174). Steal that sartorial spotlight with Alexander Wang's Darla Pyramid Clutch ($490)Â--a perfect candidate for best accessory! Or swap out your daily denim for rolled khakis like Unique's Cropped Chino ($135), as they get along famously with the cast and crew of the rest of your spring staples. Your skin can sparkle with Chanel Ombre D'eau ($32), your talons can twinkle with Lippmann Collection's Nail Color ($18) in Happy Birthday, and with all our closet has to offer (and so much more in our freshly stocked Shop the Closet section!) you can step out in style a hundred times overÂ...without ever having to repeat a look. Because, after all, when it comes to this year's awards season, there's no one we'd like to thank more than you!

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