Here at WhoWhatWear.com, we think that a perfect outfit is just like a well-balanced breakfast: it helps you start your morning off right and sets the tone for making stylishly responsible choices all day long. Yet, we know that just like that precious a.m. meal, getting dressed with gusto is occasionally a step you feel inclined to skip. We understand. In these transitional-weather months remembering to eat your omelet/muffin/smoothie can seem infinitely easier than tracking down some ensemble inspiration. But never fear, dear readers, because the Who What Wear virtual closet is like a sartorial supermarketÂ--freshly stocked with stylish pieces to keep your trendsetting energy up!

Feeling like something sweet but satiating? Start with a pair of bow-bedecked blush-colored Preen Roll Shorts ($888) perfect for when the day calls for some Olivia Palermo-type polish. If you're hankering for something hearty, try Opening Ceremony's Platform Combat Boot ($520). We could easily picture Agyness Deyn wearing these crimson clog-meet-hiking boots with some ripped skinnies and a graphic tee. Scanning the aisles for lighter fare? Get a head-start on summer by snatching up Topshop's Round Metal Sunglasses ($30) with their Olsen-esque circular frame shape. However you decide to usher in the morning, it's essential to start with something satisfying every day; that way, you can breeze through this shortened month as a paragon of impeccably good taste!

Yet, before you begin loading up that cyber cart (we know, you're just itching for that supermarket sweep), we just wanted to remind you that everything shown in today's art can be easily seen and shopped just by scrolling our brand new Shop The Story bar! And if you're on the hunt for even more you can always visit the Who What Wear virtual closet, where every product featured (and then some!) is just a click away from being yours. We'll see you at checkout!Â--Liza Kaplan

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