Oh, the waning days of summer! If you're anything like us, by now you're either A) bored with your beauty routine, B) in need of a few festive accessories for an upcoming vacay, or C) desperate for a few great finds to invigorate your warm-weather staples. Plus there's also a strong possibility that you're also D) saving up for investment-worthy fall essentials, which means you're not exactly flush with loads of cash. Fret not, dear readers, because a lack of expendable income isn't a problem this month. We've got everything you need to mix up your lookÂ--affordablyÂ--stocked in our virtual closet. If you're an A) sort of girl, don't miss Urban Decay's new Lip Junkie Lip Gloss ($19) in Midnight Cowboy. Or if you're dealing with a situation like B), put Carolee's Antique Gold Quadruple Pendant Earrings ($65) on the packing list, as they'll take your print maxi dresses from day to night. And finally, if you need the answer for C), we'd like to direct you to options like Sparkle & Fade's Full Voile Skirt ($58), which just might be the perfect transitional piece. Want more suggestions? Well, if you've been sailing through summer without a nautical-stripe shirt, you simply must check out Reiss's Sheriff Jersey Top ($95) or Madewell's Sea Stripes Tee ($45). Dying to indulge in a must-try fall trend now? A little leopard just might do the trick (it always does!), so try Mink Pink's Who The Alice Skirt ($58) on your next girls' night out. Whatever you pick, we promise you'll find everything you need to style yourself without overspending in our Shop The Closet section!Â--Liza Kaplan

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