See What Our Editors Bought This Month—Under $100

You know how Instagram is like this gorgeous, edited version of your life, but most of the time you're not, in fact, seeing perfect sunsets and sitting front row at Beyonce? That's how most editors' picks are: a dreamy version of real-life, but not necessarily reality. Today’s story gives you a glimpse at the actual purchases of WWW editors—still lovely, of course, just a little more real.

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  • From the chicest plaid finds to the most amazing studded loafers, click through now to see what we bought this month (under $100!)—warning: there's a good chance these picks will land in your shopping bag too!

  • Topshop

    Check Chiffon Midi Kilt ($96)

    “One look at this sweetly feminine skirt and I knew it was time for me to hop onto the plaid bandwagon.”

  • Pineider

    Capri Stationery ($96)

    “I stocked up on my favorite stationery this month. It’s so classic, it will never go out of style.”

  • Madewell

    Openweave Scarf ($58) in Willow Bough 

    "I can't wait to throw this guy on while I'm home in Kansas this weekend." 

  • J.Crew Crinkle Boy Shirt
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    Crinkle Boy Shirt ($90) in Red

    “I love plaid for fall. This shirt is a classic, all-American plaid, and is perfect for the weekend or the office.”

  • Richer Poorer

    Trooper Socks ($12)

    “Camouflage makes me feel tough, even though I’m totally not. Once it gets cool enough in L.A., I'll wear these peeking out of my favorite pair of chunky ankle boots.”

  • Edith A. Miller

    Long Sleeve T-Shirt ($72)

    “I have so many striped shirts its kind of crazy. This one is the kind that will last forever, though. I like to wear it with old Levis, a moto jacket, and some white Keds—it’s kind of Ramones-y.”

  • Zara

    Studded Moccasins ($99)

    "Flats aren't normally my thing, but these studded loafers are the perfect amalgam of '80s prep and punk."

  • Marc Jacobs

    Beauty Highliner Gel Crayon ($25)

    “I'm always looking for a good waterproof eyeliner that doesn't smudge. I especially love the texture of this gel crayon because it glides on so smoothly!”

  • Nasty Gal

    Pop Life Satchel ($60)

    “This fulfills my vitamin C quota for the month, no?”

  • Ten

    Bra ($60) and Bikini ($40)

    “I am a cotton underwear junkie, and Ten is my favorite collection, so every time there is a new color introduced I snatch it up.”

  • Kathleen Whitaker

    Staple Earrings ($40 each) in Yellow Gold

    “I love how these Kathleen Whitaker stitch earrings are just a whisper of an accessory. I think they'd be great for a second piercing too.”

  • Madewell

    Bien Fait Sweatshirt ($75)

    "Now that it's cooling down I feel less guilty about wearing all black, and this little French-y sweatshirt is going to help me do just that."

  • Days Are Gone, Haim; Pure Heroine, Lorde; London, Banks; Bangerz, Miley Cyrus

    “Ladies, all the ladies...are blowing up my iTunes. It may be fall in LA—at least I think it is? This NYC transplant is still unsure, but there's still plenty of sun to roll the windows down and blast the musical stylings of these talented chicks.”

  • The Ragged Priest

    Misha Tartan Bomber ($96)

    “This jacket was featured in our What Was She Wearing section and I immediately fell in love. Plus, Cara [Delevingne] has it so it's a win-win.”


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