See What Inspired The S/S 14 Collections Before They Hit The Runways

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    Find out who and what inspired the designs featured in the upcoming shows of Rebecca Minkoff, Tory Burch, and more with a rare glimpse at their brilliant mood boards and sketches.

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    PHOTO: Araks


    Inspired by: knotted.

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    PHOTO: Daniel Vosovic

    Daniel Vosovic

    “A recent trip to Istanbul was the catalyst for my S/S 14 collection. I incorporated many of the vibrant colors and patterns from my surroundings, but reinterpreted in modern new fabrications and methods.” — Daniel Vosovic

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    PHOTO: Honor


    “For spring 14, I was imagining fireflies in a forest of birch trees at the darkest hour before the dawn. I was thinking about transitions and the idea that the end of something is always the beginning of something else...”—Giovanna Randall

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    PHOTO: J.Crew


    “I imagined a movie about the beach with two stories happening simultaneously: the first centers around surfing the California coast. The strength of surfers and the casual lifestyle they lead wearing floral prints, modern fabrics, and bold colors.  This rugged sportiness is set against a second story: the European beach culture at the turn of the century.  The lido lifestyle of the Venetian coast—walking along the boardwalk in whites, lace, eyelets, and gondolier-inspired stripes, like the romantic and cinematic images of a Visconti film." —Tom Mora, Head of Women’s Design

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    PHOTO: Jeremy Lang

    Jeremy Laing

    Jeremy has a lot of exciting pieces in the works this season: a collaboration with artist Julia Dault on custom prints based on her work, launching footwear with LD Tuttle, and introducing Menswear for the first time! 

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    PHOTO: Joie


    “The Joie girl is classic and effortless; always capturing a balance of California cool meets Parisian chic. This season, we imagined her beachside, perusing open markets on the streets of St. Tropez, and finding inspiration from the Mediterranean’s clean and pure color palette” 
—Serge Azria 

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    Inspired by: the intersection of form and function.

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    PHOTO: Karen Walker

    Karen Walker

    Inspired by: utopia.

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    PHOTO: Prism


    “I was particularly drawn to a futuristic but delicate idea of Japan. I went to Tokyo for the first time in November and was inspired by everything about the city, from old kimono fabrics to Japanese photographic prints from the 1880s, as well as the amazing attention to detail and intelligence in product design.” —Anna Laub (Founder/Creative Director, Prism)

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    PHOTO: Rachel Zoe

    Rachel Zoe

    “Modern safari mixed with ethereal elements” —Rachel Zoe

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    PHOTO: Rebecca Minkoff

    Rebecca Minkoff

    “We looked at Bianca Jagger’s life prior to her Studio 54 days, and we were drawn to her Latin American upbringing. Other influential Latin American women across all decades started coming to mind with Frida Kahlo at one end of the spectrum and contemporaries such as Carolina Issa and Alice Dellal at the other. The result was American sportswear-inspired pieces with strong Latin American details: bursts of color, saturated prints, rich textures and intricate embroidery.”—Rebecca Minkoff

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    PHOTO: Bibhu Mohapatra

    Bibhu Mohapatra

    Inspired by: geometry and poetry.

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    PHOTO: Rebecca Taylor

    Rebecca Taylor

    Inspired by: modern romanticism. Construction details and trims reference early American workwear with a hint of feminism. Key silhouettes experiment with proportion—cropped tops, full trousers, and teacup skirts are paired with soft, modern volume in rounded sleeve shapes. Botanic inspiration is abstracted in prints, with transparent layers of color. 

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    PHOTO: Tanya Taylor

    Tanya Taylor

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    PHOTO: Suno


    Inspired by: African maximalism.

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    PHOTO: Roger Fritz

    Tory Burch

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    PHOTO: Nonoo


    “The spring 14 collection is inspired by the freedom and motion associated with Gerhard Richter's work blended with the colours and stateliness of the English countryside.” —Misha Nonoo

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    PHOTO: Jill Stuart

    Jill Stuart

    Inspired by: renegade.

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    PHOTO: Jenni Kayne

    Jenni Kayne

    Inspired by: military and nautical preppiness gone ethnic. Strong shoulder and softening of military uniforms. Outerwear is key. Blazers, softer blazer coats, several takes on the tuxedo jacket for day. Mixing prints and textures adds dimension to the collection.

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    PHOTO: Bellavance


    “The butterfly on the hand is Ava Hama's (half of the Bellavance design team).”

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    PHOTO: Big Park

    Big Park

    “The collection focuses on shape and form, silhouette, and pattern. Drawing inspiration from folk art paintings” —Park Youn Soo

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    PHOTO: Kotur


    “For S/S 14, we joined the Gypset, tapping into the idea of the stylish traveler who seeks out immersive, evocative experiences the world over. We wanted to explore their sense of exotic travel, their spirit of adventure and their wanderlust. As much about travel as it is the ideas that travel inspires, spring for us is a season rich with the colors, the smells, the textures, and the craft of far away places and far away times. This is the season to explore.”

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    PHOTO: Cynthia Rowley

    Cynthia Rowley

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    Inspired by: traveling and discovering nature during the journey, from Asia to Arizona. The Tibi woman is embarking on a road trip that mixes environmental beauty with the grittiness of getting to her end destination. Think: the greys of tire tracks, the reflection of blue skies on rice paddies and desert sky lines. The collection showcases natural fabric but presents it with modernity so that the linen, raw denim, and cotton poplin are paired with prints and embroideries inspired by tire tracks, the sky, and cactus.

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