10 Questions With the Babes Behind Stone Cold Fox

10 Questions With the Babes Behind Stone Cold Fox

Ever wonder what would happen if you and your childhood BFF started a clothing line together? For Cydney Morris and Dallas Wand, it was a fashion match made in heaven. The California-based designers are responsible for the brand’s popular dreamy off-the-shoulder tops, babe-status dresses, and vintage-inspired playsuits. As major SCF fans ourselves, we were thrilled to learn more about their inspirations and what it truly takes to become a Stone Cold Fox.

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    1. How did you come up with the name Stone Cold Fox?

    We thought of the name because it’s a saying our dads used to use in the ‘70s when referencing a hot girl. Our clothes are very vintage and ‘70s-inspired, and men are really attracted to women in our clothing. We think you sort of become this foxy girl in the clothing, so it seemed fitting. They also say it in The Virgin Suicides, and it’s one of our favorite movies. 

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    2. What’s your vision for the Stone Cold Fox woman?

    We want her to feel confident and special. Stone Cold Fox isn’t necessarily something you wear every day to work, it’s clothing you put on when you want to feel your sexiest, look your best, and make an ex-boyfriend jealous. It’s clothing you wear on your birthday or to your going-away party. We want women to feel comfortable in what they are in, but the best version of themselves. 

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    3. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received on working in fashion?

    Probably “be nice to everyone.” You never know who they are or where they can take you, but also be skeptical about whom you trust. There are a lot of slimy industry people and you learn from mistakes, but you really want to trust the people you work closely with. 

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    4. You have five minutes to get dressed. What do you throw on?

    Jean shorts and a Stone Cold Fox blouse with a little pair of loafers. 

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    5. What are your favorite brands?

    Ossie Clark, Stella McCartney, and Celine.

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    6. What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

    Our favorite part is that we found something that’s our passion, and that’s hard to find in this day and age. We love the art of making a garment, the math, the patterns, the development. It truly is so satisfying to see an idea go from a sketch to a photo shoot to running into someone on the streets in a piece that we made. We also love the idea that we have something that no one else has for a little! 

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    7. What are your go-to online shopping sites?

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    8. What inspired you to start a bridal collection?

    We started it because my sister got married a few years back and wanted her sister to make her dress, so we made hers and the entire bridal party’s and for all the events leading up to it that you do when you are a bride. She’s a pretty popular food blogger and word got out, so we kept doing custom bridal dresses. It’s for the non-fussy bride, the girl who gets married at the beach or in a garden. It’s fun to do, and reminds us of how we started with our custom-made clothing. 

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    9. Who is your ultimate Stone Cold Fox bride?

    We would have loved to make Brigitte Bardot or Jane Birkin’s dress! 

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    10. What’s next for SCF?

    We have a couple more collaborations coming out with our belts and our swim line. We are now about to show our Spring 2015 collection, and we are going to relaunch our home collection. We took a couple of years off from doing it, and this last year we have been sourcing some really beautiful linens, indigo colors, and laces for throws, dish towels, and silk pillows. That will launch before the holidays! 

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    Stone Cold Fox Top ($308)

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    Stone Cold Fox Mija Maxi Dress ($330)

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    Stone Cold Fox Maryland Tank ($187)

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    Stone Cold Fox Louisiana Jumper ($285)

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    Stone Cold Fox Ohio Skirt ($285) in White

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    Stone Cold Fox Helena Robe ($374) in Violante

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    Stone Cold Fox Denver Dress ($385) in Black

    Which piece is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

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