Love Olivia Palermo's Style? Here's One Detail You Can Easily Copy



It's no secret that Olivia Palermo is a style pro, and fortunately, now she's expanding her expertise to perhaps the most important accessory of all time. You're probably even holding onto yours as we speak.

That's right—in partnership with New York–based brand Vianel, the fashion icon launched a new phone case collection. You'll immediately recognize Palermo's signature style in the lineup. "Vianel has been dressing my phone since 2014," she said in a statement on the site. "The luxurious textures, skins, colors are all fun elements that make each case special."

In addition to phone cases, Palermo designed tech accessories, including a battery pack and catchall. The trio makes for a polished combo that makes it pretty much effortless to emulate Palermo's polished take on tech.

Watch Olivia in action, then make a statement and rock our Palermo-approved picks below.







Olivia Palermo x Vianel New York Tray ($140)

It's the luxurious feel you're missing in your life.

Olivia Palermo x Vianel New York V. Backup ($110)

The collection comes in multiple colors. 


Olivia Palermo x Vianel New York iPhone 7 Plus Case ($120)

Make sure to grab yourself a neutral. 

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