Belabumbum Copacabana Bra

Like Jane Goodall pottering about the East African forests in search of chimpanzees, your editors at WhoWhatWearDaily are perpetually in search for an elusive species of our own-the fantastic everyday bra. We wondered; could an affordable and comfortable over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder really exist? One that doesn't turn your twins into pancakes or ski slopes or just plain old squashed? And then we saw it, in the distance, lying quietly with its pals on a table at Milk, the Copacabana Belabumbum bra.What makes this bra so boobalicious? We are bananas for the fit, construction, and materials. The light lace doesnÂ't show through tees, the straps are widely spaced (which looks lovely when youÂ're undressed), and the cups mold you without smooshing. Celebrities known for their fine assets, like Halle Berry and Linsday Lohan, are fans of the Copacabana bra too. It comes in loads of colors, is also available online, and is only $35. Primatologists we are not, but we think even Jane Goodall would be pleased with our recent
EXPLORE: Halle Berry, Lindsay Lohan, Obsession du Jour


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