Oversized Clutches

Starting the week off in a fashion-forward manner, we have a report regarding an of-the-moment obsessionÂ--the oversized clutch. Aforementioned in OctoberÂ's WWWD Tips and noted in past stories, we feel this trend is sure to loiter throughout 2008. So far, these bags have had a bit of an underground followingÂ--spotted on only a handful of celebsÂ--but recently, this purse style seems to be getting the recognition it deserves, thanks to a new wave of trendsetters.

Mary Kate Olsen, seen here at the David Yurman MenÂ's Accessory Event in October, unsurprisingly was among the first to take to this trend. While she carried her Prada purse to a fancier event, you donÂ't necessarily need a special occasion to carry an oversized clutch. Per our celebrity examples, you can take one out clubbing (a la Hilary Duff), when going for a walk with your boyfriend (see Ashlee Simpson), or take a cue from the ultimate fashion-guru, Kate Moss, and carry YSLÂ's Catwalk Nubuck Bag ($1595) to your next dinner date. We realize that all of our examples occurred at nighttime, but donÂ't forget that this trend can absolutely be exercised at any time. In fact, carrying an oversized clutch during the day is an unexpected and cool look, so we encourage it.

If youÂ're ready to acquire this sort of handbag, youÂ're in the right place! WeÂ've done some internet window-shopping and scouted out our favorites, in a range of prices, styles, and colors. KoobaÂ's Hannah Lambskin Clutch ($375) comes in a great pewter color and has a convenient wrist loop (for those of you who arenÂ't quite ready to go strapless). Marc Jacobs offers a fantastic option; his Palais Royal Clutch ($260) is a beautiful shade of midnight blue and we like its slightly more square shape. If youÂ're in search for something perhaps a little brighter, we suggest LuLaÂ's Ready Clutch ($242) in the eye-catching Citron. (If you choose a bold accessory like the LuLa bag, let it shine by keeping the rest of your outfit simple.) Finally, we have our personal favorite, TopshopÂ's Patent Oversized Clutch ($69). While less expensive than the others, itÂ's equally fabulous and also quite versatile. The clutch comes with a removable across-body strap, so you have more than one way of wearing it! Â--Jessica Amento

Photos of Hilary, Ashlee and Kate, Splash News. MK, courtesy of Wireimage.
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