Nasty Gal Vintage

Nasty Gal Vintage
Tuesday, June, 17, 2008 Every once in a while, the universe bestows upon us exactly what we want. In this instance, we┬'d been lamenting the fact that online vintage shopping is not exactly the most enjoyable experience. Unless you┬'re really quite savvy about vintage clothes, the process can be daunting, as most sites offer poor quality images, zero styling, and a lack of detail about the various garments. You can image our glee when we stumbled upon our latest Obsession du Jour┬--Nasty Gal┬--an amazing web-only store that presents great vintage finds in an aesthetically pleasing way.

The moment we began browsing the boutique┬'s wares, we knew this wasn┬'t your average vintage shop. Nasty Gal┬'s owner, Sophia Amoruso, has a decidedly edgy side, which is clear in everything from her hand-selected eighties-focused stock to the site┬'s non-mainstream models. Perhaps the name of the shop is most telling though; it┬'s an homage to a 1975 funk album by the super stylish Betty Davis (the ex-runway model and ex-wife of Miles Davis, not Bette Davis, the movie star).

Nasty Gal is quite genius because it brings modern conveniences to the decidedly old-fashioned world of vintage clothing. Amoruso showcases each vintage piece on a model, as a part of a fully styled outfit, in clear and crisp photographs. It┬'s a smart move on Amoruso┬'s part; she makes it easy to imagine how you┬'d incorporate the various items into your already existing wardrobe. Plus, her attention to detail (informative blurbs about each article, shooting each outfit from various angles) makes you feel cosseted, almost like you have a personal shopper.

Even if you put the swell shopping experience aside, there is so much to adore about Nasty Gal simply in terms of product. Right now, you┬'ll find a tightly edited selection of perfect summer pieces like body conscious dresses, outrageous sunglasses, and lightweight print scarves. Also, be sure to check out the selection of mid-calf boots, unique leather jackets, and long-strap bags┬--all very eighties and very cute. And if this vintage treasure trove of delights isn┬'t enough for you, well, gluttons, there┬'s more. Amoruso is also gearing up to launch a separate section of Nasty Gal that will offer new (vintage-inspired) clothes, accessories, and shoes, which should debut shortly!

1. Meleksah Button Jumper ($88)
2. Zelda Triple Buckle Boots ($140)
3. Silk Shutter Blouse ($90)
4. France Romance Shades ($40)
5. Geo Metallic Scarf ($25)
6. Military Button Cardigan ($110)
7. Alice Coin Print Silk Blouse ($70)
8. Gitano Mechanic Dress ($82)
9. Bumble and Plaid Slouch Jacket ($115)
10. Lil Hearts Mini Dress ($70)
11. Elven Carpet Box Bag ($68)
12. Loretta Lace Fringe Scallop Tunic ($120)
13. Strapless Origami Leather Dress ($210)
14. Waist Knot Leather Jacket ($130)
15. Blossom Abstract Printed Shorts ($45)
16. Center Zip Bandage Dress ($100)
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