Gray Matters

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Surely, you are aware that fall is upon us (fine). What you might not know is that weÂ're in the throws of our lovely Creative DirectorÂ's biannual handbag search (not fine). The hunt may be on, but KatherineÂ's been underwhelmed by autumnÂ's offerings. While this is a lovely, high-class headache to have, you donÂ't need to break out your tiny violins yet! Thanks to a recent epiphany, decisions have been made, and this season sheÂ's going gray.

ItÂ's actually a very practical choice. There were plenty of temping, brightly colored bags on the runway (like FendiÂ's oversized, colorblocked number), but if youÂ're investing in a single (expensive) bag, committing to such a piece would be limiting and impractical. As Katherine once wisely said, Â"Gray matches nothing, therefore, it goes with everything.Â" Indeed.

Our minds full of charcoal clutches and shoulder bags in shades of slate, we noticed that a few trendsetters have already become gray ladies. Chloe Sevigny carried a taupe tote around Manhattan recently while Peaches Geldof chose a lighter shade of gray for a night out at LondonÂ's Mahiki. Mary Kate knows that gray matters, as she was spotted at the Hampton Social @ Ross concert series last week holding a bag in this hue.

WeÂ've had the good fortune (read: forced labor) to check out nearly every single gray bag currently available and have a few favorites. If you like the shape of ChloeÂ's purse, youÂ'll adore South American designer AanetaÂ's Amuleto bag. ($449, ) Be & DÂ's Tuxedo Leather Bag is an insanely cool looking option. It has raw-edged leather ruffles and antique brass details. ($970, On the other side of the price spectrum is the stylish, if unimaginatively named, Medium Leather Tote Bag from Topshop. The bagÂ's simple lines and soft dove color make this a must-have. ($100,

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