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As you may have guessed, we're starting today off with the fourth episode of Who What Wear TVÂ's New York Fashion Week Series. In this segment, we meet up with a fellow Angeleno, the fantastically talented Katy Rodriguez. We were invited to an intimate showing of RodriguezÂ's Fall 08 collection and were delighted by what was presented (as you will surely be as well). Check out the episode and don't miss today's story...

WeÂ're always on the prowl for a new pair of sunglasses to add to our ever-growing collection. Lately weÂ've been circling a certain stylish line of absolutely amazing shades and trying to decide which ones to pounce on. While we deliberate over our exact targets (perhaps the Nicole with clip-on for Katherine and the Kayne for Hillary), we wanted to turn you on to our Obsession du Jour: Benjamin Eyewear.

Benjamin Eyewear is the brainchild of the Los Angeles entrepreneur and frames fanatic, Benjamin Montoya. In addition to co-owning the insanely well-stocked City of Angels (itÂ's temple for eyewear aficionados), Montoya launched this line last year. The collection is clearly infused with MontoyaÂ's love of vintage frames and has garnered much support from tastemakers.

Our initial glimpse of Benjamin Eyewear came courtesy of Jenni Kayne. The designer styled both her Spring 08 and Fall 08 collections with the shades (see images above) and she also carries a limited selection in her Los Angeles store. Clearly thereÂ's a mutual admiration club in effect, as one of the current styles from Benjamin Eyewear is the Â"KayneÂ" and Montoya considers her a muse.

Of the 10 different styles, itÂ's hard to play favorites, but we simply must draw your attention to a few of our beloveds. First of all, weÂ're crazy about the clip-on aspect. ItÂ's very Brenda Walsh during her sophomore year of high school, in short, total perfection. Also, weÂ're really keen on the Maggie (Mary Kate Olsen needs to own these, if she doesn't already), as well as our aforementioned favorites.

Check out the complete collection at Lee Lee Lunettes.

1. Nicole in black with clip-on, $500
2. Kayne in clear/yellow rose, $325
3. Maggie in silver, $275 (available May 1st)
4. Kayne in tortoise with clip-on, $500
5. Benjamin 001 in tortoise, $325
6. Linda in black, $325 (available May 1st)
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