The New Normcore: Glamcore

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    PHOTO: Collage Vintage

    Normcore? That’s so last month. It’s time to get fresh, kid, and the new name of the game is Glamcore. Anonymous jeans and blank sneakers are just so blah, so for the love of fashion, we’re calling for a return to everything fab-u-lous, from Technicolor fur coats with pop art faces à la Prada to insanely oversized Pilgrim-worthy Celine belts. With Anna Dello Russo as our spirit guide, we solemnly swear to never reach for a polar fleece again. Click through now to see the oh-so glamorous looks everyone should be wearing now.

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    PHOTO: Collage Vintage

    Feminism-meets-couture! Who needs a man to lay down his coat, when you can use a designer doormat to protect your suede booties from puddles?

    Photo courtesy of Collage Vintage

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    PHOTO: Style Du Monde

    We truly believe every woman has an inner Bavarian princess just waiting to come out. Go for a sumptuous frock and luxurious feather headpiece, and your companions will surely bow down in your royal presence.

    Photo courtesy of Style Du Monde

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    EXPLORE: Street Style
    PHOTO: Style Du Monde

    Some say fashion is frivolous, but what about when your couture headpiece also picks up local police radio frequencies? And his running shoes and skin-tight running shorts? All the better with wich to sprint after criminals.

    ​​​Photo courtesy of Style Du Monde

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    PHOTO: Style Du Monde

    A hat with a circle-shaped brim? How very pedestrian of you. Side note: an umbrella can also function as a cane, if you’re looking for that extra special pimp-inspired touch.

    ​​Photo courtesy of Style Du Monde

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    PHOTO: Style Du Monde

    Busy women are masters of multitasking. Take it to the next level with an avant-garde skirt-meets-tote bag combination. If it gets tiresome to hold your tote bag/train, just have your assistant trail behind you to pick up the rear.

    ​​​Photo courtesy of Style Du Monde

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    PHOTO: Style Du Monde

    When you have a strawberry as your hat and a milk carton for a purse, you know you’re doing something right.

    ​​​Photo courtesy of Style Du Monde

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    PHOTO: Gastro Chic

    If you’re not mixing three or more prints, you’re doing it wrong. Also: yeti-booties, because, well, yeti-booties.

    ​Image courtesy of Gastro Chic

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    PHOTO: Style Du Monde

    Introduce a little friendly competition to your group of besties by playing a game of who can pull off the craziest coat. Extra points if they’re all Prada.

    ​​Photo courtesy of Style Du Monde

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    PHOTO: Style Du Monde

    Pilgrim as muse. Enough said.

    Photo courtesy of Style Du Monde

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    PHOTO: Style Du Monde

    Sherwin-Williams paint swatches or a Chanel masterpiece? Does it really matter when you look this fabulous?

    ​​​Photo courtesy of Style Du Monde

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    ​While we think these looks are delightfully wacky and a whole lot of fun to look at, we’re not quite ready to accessorize with Chanel doormats or bionic bunny hats, just yet anyway.

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