What are the top three pieces you need to take your look from day to night?

What are the top three pieces you need to take your look from day to night?

When taking a look from day to night, it's all about having three easy pieces on hand: a little leather jacket, a piece of statement jewelry, and a clutch. These items are relatively basic-most of you probably own them already-but they shouldn't be boring. Fit and material is key for the jacket; you definitely want one with thin leather (it's dressier) and a cropped silhouette. Theyskens' Theory makes a super chic option that's very simple and classic, but I also like the streamlined biker style from Helmut Lang. If you already have something in basic black, why not switch things up and get a cropped biker in white leather? Whatever you pick, just make sure it's very clean-this is not the time for trendy accents or details. As for your statement jewelry, don't be afraid of a glitzy necklace or chunky cuff. A bold piece of jewelry can make anything-from a white t-shirt to a chic sheath-look appropriate for evening. Last but not least, the bag! Instead of going for a simple solid-colored clutch, add interest to your outfit with an embellished bag. Marni makes a couple of amazing options: one with bright yellow beading and the other in black and silver. If that seems too ornate, you can always just go for a pattern instead. Lanvin's diamond-print clutch is beyond gorgeous and sure to transform any office outfit into an amazing after-hours look!

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