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I just bought a pair of bright pink skinny pants. I want to do a color-block loo

I just bought a pair of bright pink skinny pants. I want to do a color-block loo

Color-blocking is definitely a challenge-even for stylists-but it continues to be a huge trend, so understanding this look is important! For this question I'm going to give you a subtle look and a bolder one, so you can try the trend at your comfort level. First things first: the pants! I'm not sure what pants you have, but there are a number of amazing styles on the market, like Preen's wool-blend option and Jenni Kayne's pleated silk pair. For daytime, I like the idea of styling these super bright pants with something gray because it goes with everything and is not as expected as white or black. Keep it simple: a three-quarter sleeve light gray t-shirt or even a charcoal t-shirt will work. If you need an additional layer, try a denim blazer or jacket; denim is great with a color-block look because it's almost a neutral, but it still adds color. As for your shoes, I love a pop of white, and I'd add a little more color with a pistachio green clutch! If you're ready for a brighter look, wear the pants with a top that offers more contrast but is in the same color family (like red, or maybe even a lighter pink). For a jacket, try a navy blazer: it's a great contrast to pink. Last, let's talk accessories! Again, this is a great time to incorporate one more bright color into your ensemble-perhaps via a stunning coral pink bag-but stick to something a little subtler for your shoes. In this case, try a metallic gold sandal or maybe something less strappy in bronze. Just keep these outfit suggestions in mind the next time you want to wear a color-blocked outfit and you're sure to ace it!

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Emily Current & Meritt Elliott

You probably are already familiar with Emily Current and Meritt Elliott. These Los Angeles-based stylists are known for their work with red-carpet favorites like Emma Roberts and Mandy Moore, to name a few. In addition to their noteworthy stylist careers, the ladies are also the geniuses behind the beloved denim brand Current/Elliott, and debuted their first design collaboration—Westward for Kate Spade, a small collection of key handbags—last year. They will be answering your style questions, so be sure to submit your most pressing queries today!

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