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High-top trainers: I love them, but how do I wear these sneakers without looking

High-top trainers: I love them, but how do I wear these sneakers without looking

I'm all for athletic-inspired shoes and clothing, but the recent trend of high-top sneakers seems made just for models' bodies-at least at first glance. You actually don't have to have mile-long legs to wear them and they can be styled in a sophisticated way, you just need a little guidance. First things first: there's a difference between flat high-top sneakers and the hidden wedge version (obviously), and you should treat them accordingly. Flat high-tops-whether they're classic dunks or a fashion-world iteration in gray denim, tie-dye canvas, or colorful leather-should be treated like oxfords. That means pairing the shoes with baggy, cropped trousers (a print or solid, it's up to you), a tailored jacket (like a blazer or peplum style), sleek jewelry, and a minimalist bag. If you prefer a look that's a bit more street, wear those flat high-tops with skinny jeans (don't worry about the hems, they can bunch up a bit) and a motorcycle jacket instead. A sneaker with a hidden wedge should be treated in a more feminine way, which means styling it like you would a high heel. No matter if it's metallic, neutral, or multi-colored, that wedge sneaker will look great with a solid or printed mini skirt, or even a body-con style. Depending on your taste, you can add either a t-shirt-maybe something striped or baseball-inspired-or a timeless button-up (tucked in, perhaps) and a cute jacket. If you're in a casual mood, a traditional denim jacket is an excellent option, or you can spruce things up with a sharp blazer. Add a gold cuff or spike bracelet to finish your look and I promise no one will take you for one of Santa's little helpers!

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Emily Current & Meritt Elliott

You probably are already familiar with Emily Current and Meritt Elliott. These Los Angeles-based stylists are known for their work with red-carpet favorites like Emma Roberts and Mandy Moore, to name a few. In addition to their noteworthy stylist careers, the ladies are also the geniuses behind the beloved denim brand Current/Elliott, and debuted their first design collaboration—Westward for Kate Spade, a small collection of key handbags—last year. They will be answering your style questions, so be sure to submit your most pressing queries today!

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