Once again, before diving into todayÂ's official story, weÂ'd like to take a moment to alert you to the latest installment of Who What Wear TVÂ's Fashion Week Series. In our third episode, we head to Charlotte RonsonÂ's show to catch up with the designer herself, get the lowdown what inspired her current collections, and check out the final result on the runway. And now on to our content du jour...

The fashion world is obviously full of incredibly dynamic and inspiring women, but we have always maintained that the smart style we see in our MySpace community of friends is just as powerful. We truly adore seeing how our virtual pals put themselves together in their own unique and personal ways.

On that note, weÂ're starting a new version of an old storyÂ--consider it MySpace Muse 2.0, if you will. Instead of focusing on a single Muse, weÂ're going to serve up a whole selection of them in outfits that capture some current element of style. These lovely ladies (and a few gentlemen too) are culled from a weekly story we contribute to the MySpace Fashion page, and are comprised of both former and upcoming muses.

WeÂ're always actively looking for candidates, so if you feel youÂ'd make a perfect MySpace Muse, shoot us an email ( with your name, age, email address, a link to your MySpace page, and the best full length shots that show off your taste.

And with that, we shall leave you for the day. We hope you enjoy our multiple Muses and look forward to seeing many more in the future!

Identifying Details (from left to right, starting with the top row)
Lulu, 24, New York; Rumi, 25, soon to be San Francisco; Molly, 21, Charleston, SC; Ani, New York, Los Angeles, Bulgaria, Brazil; Georgie, 21, Los Angeles; Lexi, 20, Charleston, SC


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