Some people in this world never put together an outfit thatÂ's less than perfect (cough: Vanessa Traina). Such gifted visionaries may be able to get dressed with ease and excellent results, but for the rest of us, assembling a great look usually requires quite of bit of trial and error. Though experience is the most brutalÂ--and, dare we say it, bestÂ--teacher,* there are other ways to acquire key wardrobe information besides going through the sartorial crucible yourself.

One easy solution for creating your own mistake-free outfits is to look to todayÂ's MySpace Muses for inspiration. These stylish ladies from our international community of friends offer up lots of smart ways to wear the latest trends. Kari, 21, Mexico (top row, far left) tucked a simple white tee into a plaid skirtÂ--try James PerseÂ's Casual Tee ($44) with Arden BÂ's. Plaid Pencil Skirt ($78)Â--for a sleekly stylish look. We love how Tamara, 27, Wisconsin (top row, middle) made her all-black outfit more interesting by adding a few strong brown accessories. Punch up your own noir ensembles with MiaÂ's Empire Gladiator Sandals ($63) and Urban OutfittersÂ' Sabina Foldover Satchel ($245). As you know, we adore little leather jackets and like how Andrea, 24, Amsterdam (top row, far right) wore hers with some of-the-moment baggy cropped trousers. If you donÂ't have an abbreviated moto, try bebeÂ's Cropped Motorcycle Jacket ($249), and check out Silence & NoiseÂ's Ankle Roll Pant ($68) for similar bottoms.

This crop of muses also gave us great examples of how to mix different styles together. Olivia, 16, Boston (bottom row, far left) balanced out the inherent preppiness of a cable knit cardi by wearing it over a graphic tee. If youÂ'd like to emulate her outfit, J. Crew has a fantastic Cambridge Cardiganicon ($88), available in twelve colors, and AlloyÂ's Freddy Mercury Teeicon ($19) would be perfect underneath. Nita, 23, Finland (bottom row, middle) shows us how to work the over-the-top look of over-the-knee boots into an everyday outfitÂ--just wear them with a pair of opaque tights! Chinese LaundryÂ's Turbo Boots ($99) are a great guilt-free way to try this shoe style. Finally, we have Hanah, 19, Toronto (bottom row, far right). She diffused her blouseÂ's girly ruffles (Ali RoÂ's Ruffled Blouse ($152) is darling) by tucking the top into a sharp pair of tailored trousers. Playing feminine pieces against masculine ones is always a savvy choice.

As always, our search for new muses is ongoing, so don't hesitate to recommend yourself or a friend. Just email us (myspacemuse@whowhatwear.com) your name, age, email address, a link to your MySpace page, and the best full-length shots that convey your personal style!

*Thanks C.S. Lewis

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