Whether it's in the way they wear the latest shapes (like carrot trousers), create fresh pairings for trendy pieces (liquid leggings with a modest sweater dress), or elevate simple outfits through expert accessorizing (a nude scarf and boots with black and gray basics), we're always impressed anew by our MySpace Muses. On that note, we're particularly proud of today's international bunch--they hail from everywhere from Indonesia to Paris--and think they're one of our finest roundups yet!

We'll start on a slightly tough note, courtesy of Dana (top row, far left), who added a little edge to her unfussy outfit via a long-strap across-body bag and a pair of black combat boots. One of the best budget versions of her bag is the Jordin Mini Handbag ($15.80), and, since you skimped on the purse, perhaps you can invest in an amazing pair of Mike & Chris Lace-Up Leather Boots ($517) to complete the look! Next, our favorite muse of the month, Betty (top row, center), shows us the power of unexpected accessory choices. Instead of doing the traditional fall colors, she added a nude pair of slouchy boots and similarly hued scarf to her outfit of skinny black jeans and an oversized gray sweater. It's a little quirky and totally cool, which is just the sort of style that's always on our radar. Look to Report Signature's Howell Bootie ($300) for the same sort of relaxed style boot and VPL's Swivel Knit Scarf ($265) as an excellent cozy scarf substitute. As we all know, leggings are still going strong, but that doesn't mean you have to wear them in a boring way. Follow in Martha's (top row, far right) footsteps and try some zany print pants, like American Apparel's Afrika Printed Cotton Leggings ($34), Urban Outfitters' Sublimated Leggings ($44), or Made Me's Horse Rider Leggings ($102). Just be sure to keep the rest of your outfit basic and accessorize with cute solid pieces, like Gap's Sweater Knit Beanie ($16.50).

How could you not admire the wearable way Ivelina (bottom row, far left) styled her carrot trousers (or banana pants, choose your produce reference) with an off-the-shoulder tee and handful of delicate chain necklaces? She's referencing both YSL and Givenchy's fall collections in a subtle way and we love the result. Achieve a similar look with either 3.1 Phillip Lim's Cropped Tapered Pants ($350) or Topshop's Flannel Carrot Leg Trousers ($80), plus Forever 21's Hybrid Mod Necklace ($4.80) for a little metallic glimmer. Another stand out look comes from Heidi (bottom row, middle), who dressed up a slouchy oversized tee with two slightly more formal pieces: a mid-length skirt and a structured bag. If you like her ladylike tote, try Foley + Corinna's Adrienne's Traveller Bag ($695) or Urban Outfitters' Lady Croc Bag ($58). As for the slouchy tee, we must recommend one of our favorites--Kain's Bell Tee ($83). Skirt-wise, you can go for something like Forever 21's Knee Length Pleated Skirt ($24.80) for a fifties vibe or check out Anna Sui's Aesthetic Diamonds Skirt ($301) for a luxurious and sophisticated option. Finally, we'd like to return to leggings for moment, as we were completely inspired by the way Bettina (bottom row, far right) styled her liquid leggings. She juxtaposed the rock'n'roll pants and a leopard print scarf with a boxy modest dress for a great sex kitten-meets-schoolmarm look. Create your own version of the look with American Apparel's Shiny Leggings ($42) in Lamé Black and Urban Outfitters' Animal Print Linen Oblong Scarf ($28), worn with a simple sweater dress like Alice + Olivia's Full Cuff & Hem Sweater Dress ($385) or Banana Republic's Cashmere T-Shirt Dress ($175).

With that, we'll bid you adieu until next month. As always, our search for new muses is ongoing, so don't hesitate to recommend yourself or a friend. Just email us ( your name, age, email address, a link to your MySpace page, and the best full-length shots that convey your personal style!

November MySpace Muses
Top Row, from left: Ivelina, 26, Bulgaria; Heidi, 22, Indonesia; Dana, 18, Los Angeles
Bottom Row, from left: Martha, 25, Rochester; Bettina, 20, Norway; Betty, 25, Paris

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