Not to get all transcendentalist poetry class on you, but lately weÂ've been ruminating on the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson. He declared that, Â"our best thoughts come from others,Â" and we have to agree in our own fashion-obsessed way.

Of course, we take his phrase to mean that one should take inspiration from their peersÂ' outfits and borrow the best style ideas from their community at large. Since WhoWhatWearDaily.com has such a vast and varied (and amazing, obviously) circle of MySpace friends, we delight in pluming our pals for pointers. So if you want to take a cue from one of our many Muses and make her look your own...well, we wonÂ't tell!

As always, weÂ're actively looking for candidates to be our next Muses, so shoot us an email (myspacemuse@whowhatweardaily.com) with your name, age, email address, a link to your MySpace page, and the best full-length shots that show off your taste.



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