Friday, July, 18, 2008 Of all the seasons, summer seems to get the short end of the stick, fashion attention-wise at least. While it¬'s true that outfits are generally less complex in the hot mid-year months, simple can still be impressively stylish.

Take today¬'s MySpace Muses for example: each one shows off excellent warm weather wear and exemplifies summer chic in her own personal way. We urge you (yes, urge!) to look to these amazing muses for inspiration and interpret the looks you like in your own outfits.

As always, we¬'re actively looking for candidates to be our next Muses, so shoot us an email (myspacemuse@whowhatweardaily.com) with your name, age, email address, a link to your MySpace page, and the best full-length shots that show off your taste.

Top Row: Lucrecia (San Gabriel), Carolina (Stockholm), Selena (Philadelphia)
Bottom Row: Valerie (New York), Siri (New York), Michaela (Ontario)
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