Admittedly, celebrities get most of the credit for setting trends on WhoWhatWearDaily.com, but that certainly doesnÂ't mean theyÂ're only ones worth watching. WeÂ're quite aware of the fact that there are tastemakers in every communityÂ--even virtual onesÂ--and they deserve the spotlight too. That said, we feel enormously lucky that there are so many excellent examples of noteworthy personal style within the lovely members of our MySpace nation (all nearly 18,000 of you!).

Carrying on with our new MySpace Muse 2.0 story, we have a smorgasbord of style for you today, courtesy of our fashionable friends. We hope they catch your eye and imagination, and ideally they should inspire you to try something new. As always, weÂ're actively looking for candidates to be our next Muses, so shoot us an email (myspacemuse@whowhatweardaily.com) with your name, age, email address, a link to you MySpace page, and the best full-length shots that show off your taste.



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