Personal style is subjective, naturally. That said, weÂ're always partial to anyone who exhibits their own, unique, fashion taste, which is why we run stories like todayÂ's MySpace Muse. Our muse of the moment is Sophia, 18, who has a sophisticated understanding of both cutting-edge designers and the pleasures of a cheap find. Sweetly, she credits the Â"fashion-forward womenÂ" in her family for her savvy awareness. Read on for all the details about how this self-described Â"swanky and grittyÂ" girl puts herself together.

Who are your favorite designers?
Alexander Wang, E.Y. Wada, Chloe, Zac Posen, LD Tuttle, Viktor & Rolf, and Stella McCartney.

Who are your favorite up-and-coming designers?
IÂ'm interested in what Jose Enrique Ona Selfa is doing at Loewe and Jose Ramon RéyesÂ' own label, Reyes. Loewe is a very constructed line full of geometrical piecesÂ--I find this structure can be very flattering. I like Reyes because itÂ's pretty with a somewhat offbeat twist. He describes it as, Â"tailored but edgy,Â" and I agree.

Where do you like to shop?
I like to go to Salt on Abbot Kinney and Built by Wendy on West 3rd. For some really cool kicks (like a pair of blue and orange, semi high-top, Nikes that I will keep in my closet forever) I go to Kendo on Melrose. ItÂ's hip like Sportie LA and Undefeated, but is geared towards women. For inexpensive vintage apparel I got to the Fairfax flea market, naturally. Equator Books is great for neat records, modern art, and classic books. Finally, I got to Resurrection and Decades (both on Melrose) for some retro throwbacks.

Who are your personal style icons?
Mick Jagger, Lou Doillon, Sidney Poitier, and Brigitte Bardot.

WhatÂ's your favorite new trend?
I like anything metallic.

What trend are you over?
Plaid. Even though I'm tempted to wear it sometimes, I feel like this trend is definitely overdone.

What are you coveting right now?
The new LD Tuttle Agon printed leather high-heel sandals. ($398,

WhatÂ's the best purchase you've ever made?
These vintage, knee-high, Versace, brown leather boots (with a slight heel) I purchased in New York a couple of years ago. TheyÂ're not too heavy for summer and are still wearable in the wintertime.

What are your current style secrets?
I like wearing socks with your favorite pair of pumps to give the illusion that you're wearing ankle boots.

Do you have any beauty tips?
Ole Henriksen is a little pricey but they do first-rate facials and have very effective skin products. I use their Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser twice a day. ($21,

Right now, every girl needs an _____ ?
American Apparel leotard in any color or cut. They look great with practically everything. ($28,

If you could raid anyone's closet, who would it be and why?
Rinko Kikuchi has the ultimate wardrobe, notwithstanding the fact that virtually anything looks good on her. She has an eye for unique construction, so whether it is an evening gown or sportswear, Rinko's outfits are guaranteed to be unconventional and avant-garde.

Where are your favorite places to go out?
I love going to the Sunday farmer's market on Main Street in Santa Monica, the Crescent Hotel Beverly Hills is great if you're ever in the marshmallow-roasting mood, Shima in Venice for sushi (if you don't mind the brown rice substitute), Cafes des Artistes in Hollywood, the Hollywood Roosevelt, and Greenblatt's in West Hollywood...mmm kugel.

What music is on your iPod right now?
Justice is fantastic if you enjoy eccentric dancing like I do, Crystal Castles, Chromeo, Deerhunter, Feist, and Ratatat.

What do you buy at the newsstand?
Harper's BAZAAR, Vogue, Runner's World, National Geographic, and Juxtapoz.

What piece in your jewelry box do you wear the most?
A friend of mine got me a cameo necklace from a flea market in France that I wear all the time. ItÂ's simple, but I wear it on a gold chain and it easily accessorizes any outfit.

Tell us about your ideal day or night...
During the day, a picnic at Will Rogers Park with a fresh baguette and some cheeses would be ideal. At night, going to a barbecue and swim party at a friendÂ's house while listening to the new Justice album would be perfect.

Where do you go to stock up on great, inexpensive items?
I like to shop at organized clothing swaps that my friends coordinate. J. Crew is also a great place to stock up on shoes and cashmere sweaters. Target is always an affordable bearing as well.

If you had $1000 to blow on one item for Fall what would it be?
Can we make it $2,000? Then I'd blow it on GoyardÂ's Jeanne purse. ($1490-$1940, Goyard boutique at Bergdorf Goodman, 212.872.2517)

What item of your wardrobe do you rely on during the summer?
In the summer, I always wear this authentic fedora hat my dad brought me from Ecuador. I find its main appeal is the "hat etiquette"Â--there is a right and wrong way to accept, doff, prepare, receive and give a fedora. If anyone is interested in learning the official fedora rules of conduct, or in purchasing an authentic or replicated fedora of your own, check out the Village Hat Shop. The fedora I have is very classic, clean-cut, light beige/almost white, with a medium-sized brim and a black ribbon. ItÂ's very similar to the Pantropic Panama Montecristi Fedora. ($225,

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