Iekeliene Stange

Last month during Fashion Week(s), we were pouring over the zillions of backstage, runway, and party pictures and were charmed anew by Iekeliene Stange. The otherworldly Dutch beauty is a fashion world favorite for both her on camera assets (how crazy are her cheekbones?) and her off-the-clock personal style.

Part of whatÂ's appealing about Stange is the fact that she stands out from the homogeneous fashion herd in vast and varied ways. We enjoy her randomness, from telling WomenÂ's Wear Daily that one of her hobbies is Â"making amazing tutusÂ"Â--seriouslyÂ--to her fondness for wearing a vintage pair of large, lens-free, red glasses to events. ItÂ's also cool that her most beloved bag isnÂ't the latest designer du jour tote, but a granny-style vintage find. Check out Forever 21Â's Floral Clutch Bag ($21.80) for a bag with a similar retro vibe.

WeÂ're not the only ones who approve of her look; sheÂ's currently the face of Topshop, Sonia Rykiel, and Burberry Black Label. Stange also has impressive range as a model. She walks on the elite couture catwalks (Christian Dior, Chanel) and is picked by the best younger designers for their shows too (Phillip Lim, Rodarte, Thakoon, Alexander Wang). Of course sheÂ's been shot by the biggies as well: Jurgen Teller photographed her for last springÂ's Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign, Mario Testino snapped her for the D&G campaign this past fall, and both Tim Walker and Steven Klein worked with her for British and Italian Vogue, respectively.

Perhaps all the time spent in front of the camera has informed her non-tutu-related hobbyÂ--photographyÂ--as well. Like past MOTM Sasha Pivovarova, Stange has artistic aspirations beyond her current career. She been hard at work behind the lens and itÂ's wildly rumored that Stange will have an exhibition in London this spring. The potential show wouldnÂ't be your average model-turned-whatever vanity project. The Dutch snapper is already a published photographer whose work has appeared in fashionable magazines like Japanese HarperÂ's Bazaar and Muse.

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