Behind Miley Cyrus' Outrageous Bangerz Tour Looks

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    PHOTO: Andrew Chin/FilmMagic

    Miley Cyrus may have kicked off her Bangerz world tour with a fair share of twerking and gyrating, but it was the wild costumes that caught our attention. An impressive roster of designers was tapped to create the eye-popping ensembles including Marc Jacobs, The Blonds, Robert Cavalli, and Cyrus’s own stylist Simone Harouche (who designed the pictured bedazzled, two-piece outfit). Here, Harouche gives us an insider look at Cyrus’ outrageous looks and lets us in on everything from how Cyrus helps with the design process to the fate of the costumes after the tour ends.

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    PHOTO: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

    Behind The Custom Looks

    Each rhinestone, feather, and stud is painstakingly considered: “Every piece has a lot of labor involved. There are major amounts of crystals, all laid by hand, on each of her looks, “ says Harouche.

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    PHOTO: Miley Cyrus

    Miley’s Hidden Talent

    Most know Cyrus as a singer, but it turns out she also plays a big role in the design process of her looks. “We always collaborate on what could work for each number. We love to bounce ideas off of one another. We are definitely partners in crime,” says Harouche.

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    PHOTO: Miley Cyrus

    Multiple Costume Replicas

    The high production performance, which includes sliding down an enormous tongue and riding a giant hot dog, takes its toll on the costumes, which get, “pretty destroyed from tour wear and tear,” says Harouche. “We have usually three to four sets of each look.”

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    PHOTO: Miley Cyrus

    No Muse Necessary

    When you have as strong a fashion sense as Cyrus, there’s no need to draw inspiration from others. “My muse and inspiration for these looks is Miley herself,” says Harouche.

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    PHOTO: Miley Cyrus

    Inside Her Clothing Archives

    Just where do those wild outfits go after they’ve made their debut on stage? Harouche explains: “[After the show] they all go to her archives. She archives all of her memorable red carpet and stage looks.”

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