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    We love the idea of being our best selves, which is probably why we're so obsessed with makeovers (and Oprah too). But while lots of products promise total transformation, very few seem to actually deliver, which is why we're very excited to share some of our new favorites. They're pricey, for sure, but they're also gentler and less expensive than their in-office counterparts. Be sure to check out everything and know that each item is officially editor-approved!
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    IPL Acne Treatment Device ($195) 

    If you've ever wished for a magic ward that could make blemishes instantly disappear, you'll want to pay attention to this product. The Claro uses a combination of IPL technology, heat, and light to clear up mild to moderate inflammatory acne (that means it doesn't zap cystic zits, but other pimples are fair game). It's painless--we promise--effective, and only takes six seconds to treat each blemish. Even better: you see results within 24 hours and you don't get the redness or peeling that sometimes comes with topical treatments--hooray!
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    Dr. Brandt

    Skincare Glow by Dr. Brandt Ruby Laser Technology Kit ($65)

    When he's not tending to famous faces (Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are both clients), Dr. Fredric Brandt is developing incredible products like this two-part kit that gives you radiant, youthful skin without the hassle of lasers. The Overnight Resurfacing Serum contains 2% Retinol--which stimulates cell turnover, making skin look brighter and smoother, and softens fine lines--and is for nighttime use only, while the Ruby Crystal Retinol HydraCreme is a skin-brightening moisturizer that you can use daily. It's an amazing product, especially if you're in your late 20s or early-to-mid 30s and want to address the first signs of aging.
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    Wrinkle Specialist Moisturizing Serum ($175)

    If you're impatient and hate waiting a few months for noticeable results from your skincare products, you're going to love SK-II's newest addition. The Wrinkle Specialist Serum softens skin like nothing we've ever used and it reduced the appearance of our fine lines in less than two weeks. That's right: a fortnight 'til younger-looking eyes, how amazing is that? The formula is also fragrance-free, which is particularly nice for those with sensitive skin (or noses)!
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    Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator ($36)

    Full disclosure: we started our skincare and beauty regimes at Clinique as teenagers and have a soft spot for it, but even if we'd never heard of the brand, we'd still be wild about this moisturizer. It's an incredibly rich gel-cream--but it's oil-free!--plus the formula not only hydrates, it also actually strengthens your skin's moisture barrier. In 8 weeks, your skin's moisture is increased by over 40% and the barrier strength is increased by over 70%. In other words: you get incredibly plumped up skin that stays that way. Brilliant, no?
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    We might have had a bit of an overplucking problem at one point in time, which means our brows are not nearly as full as we'd like them to be. (Oh, to have the Olsens' abundance of brow!) That's why we're so excited about Anastasia's new Brown Enhancing Serum Advanced: it's a game changer! Its vitamin-packed formula promotes healthy follicles and strengthens them too, plus it comes in a handy applicator with a brush for ultimate precision!
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    Fibre Architecte Renovating Dual Serum ($42)

    If you've been moping around, wondering how you're going to fix all the damage you've done to your hair, it's time to perk up. The geniuses at Kerasatase just released a new product that repairs even the most trashed locks. The formula contains three exclusive repairing molecules that rebuild your hair inside and out, resulting in a dramatic improvement in just two weeks. The serum is a new, standout product, best for very brittle hair with lots of split ends, so if you love to color, curl, or iron your hair on a regular basis, you need to get this stuff!
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    Philip Kingsley

    Elasticizer ($25)

    The beginning of the year isn't our hair's best time. We tortured it during the holidays (party hair galore!) and now central heating is sapping what little life is left. In the hopes of rehabbing it for spring, we've been treating it with Philip Kingsley's new pre-shampoo treatment--a.k.a. the Elasticizer--and are quite happy with the results. It's a mask you use on damp hair before showering and it's pretty heavy duty, but it really does the trick and restores moisture and bounce! If you have fine/medium textured hair, follow directions and use from your mid-lengths to your ends; trust us, it's enough!
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    DiaMax ($50) 

    Thin is never "in" when it comes to your hair, so if your locks are less than luscious and you don't want to go the extensions route, you'll be happy to know that there's another option: DiaMax. Created by the hair loss gurus at Nioxin, this daily leave-in treatment plumps up the diameter of your individual hairs and starts working immediately. It also strengthens your hair, so breakage is a thing of the past! In other words, it's a win-win situation!
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    La Prairie

    White Caviar Illuminating Hand Cream ($150) 

    In this world of lasers, peels, retinols, and injectables, it's hard to gauge a woman's age from looking at her face. That said, there's always a telltale giveaway that reveals just how many candles were on her last birthday cake: her hands. Fortunately La Prairie created a solution with a new hand cream that's pricey, but totally worth it. It's a noteworthy addition to the brand's White Caviar Illumining Systeme collection, and the SPF 15 cream helps to lighten, brighten, and firm your skin. Even better: the formula--which includes Vitamin C and Licorice Root Extract--inhibits future sunspots, so your hands will stay as youthful as your spirit!
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