Warm & Fuzzy

The most controversial trend of the fall seasonÂ--furÂ--has recently reached our celebrity fashionistas. Politics aside, we like the fresh shapes that weÂ've been seeing like the belted number here on Jennifer Lopez. Short-sleeves give a fur a youthful vibe (like Rachel Zoe, above in a shrug) without making you look like a Bonfire of the Vanities extra. If you like the old-Hollywood glamour that fur implies but donÂ't want to support the industry, you can always pour over the racks at vintage boutiques. Another option is to rework a piece that belonged to your mom or grandmother (remove sleeves and cut off the bottom of the jacket to make a fur vest and stole instead of a coat). Any way you wear this look youÂ'll be making a statement, and thatÂ's fur sure. photo of Nicole, courtesy of www.x17online.com


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