An Exclusive Peek Inside Lauren Conrad's Gorgeous New Office

Love Lauren Conrad’s style? So do we! Obviously, when she came to our Domaine team and asked us to help with the office redesign of her Paper Crown headquarters, we couldn’t wait to get started. Our favorite fashion icon turned mogul has so many irons in the fire—books, a successful website, and of course her clothing line—that we loved working through the creative process with her.

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  • An Exclusive Peek Inside Lauren Conrad's Gorgeous New Office
    Photo credit: Justin Coit

    Of course, Conrad’s taste in decor is as sweet and streamlined as her brand, and she jumped in to brainstorm on design decisions. Click through to see how we turned Conrad and co.’s office space into a haven of organizational chic—and what she thinks of the results!

  • Sitting Area
    Photo credit: Justin Coit

    Sitting Area

    “We brought sales in-house recently and we’re taking a lot more meetings in the space, so what’s really great is that we were able to dress up the space a bit, elevate it, and kind of make it a bit more of a professional setting," says Conrad.

  • Inspiration Board
    Photo credit: Justin Coit

    Inspiration Board

    “The photos are a little bit of everything, which is nice: some are from different shoots we did, some from look books, some we snapped ourselves, and some are images we found and loved," says Conrad.

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