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As you may have noted from the store windows around town, the holidays are upon us and therefore 'tis the season to go shopping. Since your pals are there for you all year, why not treat them to something wonderfully fabulous this month? We at WhoWhatWearDaily have found some of the best presents in town for all your gift-giving needs. Read on for details! Style Child

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs umbrella, $58, This sweet brolly in a mauve and pink stripe will make even rainy days cheerful.

2. Hermes wool and cashmere blanket $940, Not even the most seasoned gift-receiver will be underwhelmed by this gorgeous Hermes blanket. The signature orange box isnÂ't bad either!

3. Fashion diaries Missoni for Smythson (left) from $405, Alexander McQueen for Smythson (right) from $405, Smythson partnered with fashion heavyweights like Missoni and Alexander McQueen to created 2007 daily diaries for trendsetting jetsetters. The diary by Missoni is covered in their signature knit while McQueenÂ's is covered in a feathered pattern silk.

Pet Lover

4. Bark Jacobs, $19.95, Chewnel # 5, $13.95, Sniffany Box, $15.95, , Discriminating pets (and their owners) will thrill to these punny chew toys.

5. The Catwalk Cats by Grace Coddington, $21.12, VogueÂ's legendary creative director, Grace Coddington, and her partner Didier Malige recently published this too cute illustrated book about the adventures of their many cats.

6. The Beverly Hills Hotel dog bowl, from $30-$53, For our money, this swell pet bowl is the only one worth having. Nelson (KatherineÂ's handsome cat) has been coveting one for years.


7. Terrycloth monogrammed makeup bag, from $50-$80, These are ideal for organizing your products and since theyÂ're terrycloth, theyÂ're washable so you can keep them extra clean.

8. Hanii Y multifabric cardigan, $490, Super-soft and cozy, this sweater can practically double as a blanket or fold up to become a luxe pillow.

9. Kate Spade travel scrabble, $125, www. , Banish the airport blues with this portable game.

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