Kick-Ass Style Inspired By Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence & More

Oh Chloë Grace Moretz, first you slay ’em on the red carpet and then you slay ’em on the big screen in Kick-Ass 2. And you’re only sixteen years old! How lucky are we to watch Hit-Girl grow up while we envy your grace and style? But heroine chic is not yours alone: there’s a whole history of ladies that created some kick-ass looks.

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  • Check out our favorites—and some of our picks inspired by their iconic style.

  • Obesity and Speed Destroyed Tee
    Photo credit: Everett Collection

    Obesity and Speed Destroyed Tee ($120) in Black

    Let’s face it. No matter what movie Jolie stars in, she just oozes notes of bad-assery. Tomb Raider, based on the popular video game, lets the actress’ freak flag fly, as she balances the perfect distressed tees and short shorts with killer weaponry and espionage.

  • Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Yellow Sneakers
    Photo credit: Everett Collection

    Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Yellow Sneakers ($110)

    Everybody was kung fu fighting, but not as hard as Thurman, who opened up a huge can of Quentin Tarantino-directed whoop ass in this violent drama. If a yellow bodysuit is a little too much for the office (hey, we’re all for it if you can rock it), kick off your inhibitions with these yellow sneaks instead.

  • Christian Louboutin Chelita 85 Metal-Detailed Leather Boots
    Photo credit: Everett Collection

    Christian Louboutin Chelita 85 Metal-Detailed Leather Boots ($1795) in Black

    Jane Fonda, before your workout tapes and saving the world, you gave us the coolest chick around, Barbarella. Based on the comic book heroine, this cult classic film features a scantily-clad Fonda roaming the universe fighting bad guys—and teaching them about the futuristic birds and the bees. Not ready to take on the world in a bikini-inspired outfit? Try these luxe motorcycle boots instead.

  • Barbour Jacket – Fuel Diamond Quilt
    Photo credit: Everett Collection

    Barbour Fuel Diamond Quilt Jacket ($279) in Black

    Our generation’s patron saint of heroine chic looks just as smokin’ in her Games gear, like this fitted quilted jacket, as she does in her whimsical dresses that took The Capitol by fire—literally. 

  • Jonathan Product Dry Dirt Texture Spray
    Photo credit: Everett Collection

    Jonathan Product Dry Dirt Texture Spray ($22)


    Why is it that Luke Skywalker and Han Solo get all the attention when clearly Princess Leia was having the best time? The perfect white wardrobe, the perfect amount of attitude, and that perfect hair! Get your best buns and braids with this texture spray.

  • Heidi Klein Soleil Bandeau Bikini Top
    Photo credit: Everett Collection

    Heidi Klein Soleil Bandeau Bikini Top ($136) and Side Ring Bikini Briefs ($123) in White

    With their multiple costume changes and their perfectly feathered hair, these Angels—who saved the day with their bikini-clad ninja moves—were oh so much cooler than Victoria’s Secret’s (sorry, models!). Even Bosley would agree. 

  • Guess Diamond-Panel Brittney Mid-Rise Leggings
    Photo credit: Everett Collection

    Guess Diamond-Panel Brittney Mid-Rise Leggings ($138) in Red

    Yes there was the movie, but really, the TV show is all that matters. Each week Buffy slayed vampires, monsters, and occasionally hearts (see: Angel, Riley, Spike)—and did a lot of it in leather, which is a feat in and of itself. But no matter how dark the show got, and believe us, season 6 was a doozy, Buffy always managed to add pops of color like these blood red (imagine that) pants to her wardrobe.

  • 3.1 Phillip Lim Over The Knee Boots
    Photo credit: Everett Collection

    3.1 Phillip Lim Over The Knee Boots ($785) in Black

    With her jet black hair and shy demeanor, the shrinking Violet really blossomed when she donned the red costumes alongside her superhero family. The power of invisibility and force field creating gave the heroine a dose of confidence—and a killer pair of over-the-knee boots. 

  • Lisa Marie Fernandez The Farrah Rubber Neoprene Swimsuit
    Photo credit: Everett Collection

    Lisa Marie Fernandez The Farrah Rubber Neoprene Swimsuit ($395) in Grey

    Haven’t we waited long enough for a female superhero to grace the big screen? Well Johannsen did it in a big way. Rocking a skin-tight suit that would make Catwoman purr, Black Widow stole the scenes from her fellow Avengers. Summering as a super hero? This neoprene swimsuit will knock ‘em dead.

  • Maison Michel Heidi ‘C’ Headband
    Photo credit: Everett Collection

    Maison Michel Heidi C Headband ($390) in Black

    Although Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway did their best, not many people can rock a catsuit like Pfeiffer, who starred as Catwoman in the Tim Burton directed Batman Returns. (And looking at this pic, we can understand why not many people try.) This high fashion headpiece will certainly appeal to your inner feline fatale.

  • Charles Albert Alchemia Shine Cuff
    Photo credit: Everett Collection

    Charles Albert Alchemia Shine Cuff ($75) in Gold

    Golden lasso? Check. Golden cuffs? Double check. There’s a reason that no TV spinoff or movie adaption has ever been successful, and that, my friends is because none of them boast the iconic Lynda Carter in all of her patriotic glory.

  • Ben Amun Riveria Gold Hoop Earring
    Photo credit: Everett Collection

    Ben Amun Riveria Gold Hoop Earring ($130) in Gold

    With her major seventies fashion moments, iconic gold hoops, and gorgeous hair, Foxy Brown was—and still is— the definition of super fly, not to mention the queen of Blaxploitation films. After all, how many people do you know that can save the day in a sexy dress? 

  • Erdem Cat Eye Tortoiseshell Acetate and Metal Sunglasses
    Photo credit: Everett Collection

    Erdem Cat Eye Tortoiseshell Acetate and Metal Sunglasses ($400) in Blue


    Leather is par for the course in The Matrix (maybe it’s a hacker thing?), but futuristic signature sunglasses like this cat-eye pair is something that Moss made her own. With her slicked back bun and pale visage, Trinity seduced Neo, audiences, and fashionistas alike. 

  • Jade Chiu Phoenix Ear Cuff
    Photo credit: Everett Collection

    Jade Chiu Phoenix Ear Cuff ($147) in Silver


    Mara’s preparation for the Goth role of Lisbeth Salander in Dragon Tattoo is one of the most memorable transformations we’ve ever seen. And when she brought that style to the red carpet, the fashion and beauty worlds exploded with homages galore. Our favorite? The accessories, like this spiky ear cuff.

  • LME Masks Glossy Black Leather Eye Mask Super Hero
    Photo credit: Everett Collection

    LME Masks Glossy Black Leather Eye Mask Super Hero ($32) in Black


    Being young didn’t stop this precocious teen from crowning herself a super hero and capturing villains. In fact, her take-no-prisoners attitude and fierce purple hair have made Moretz an unlikely role model for everyone, including us. Masquerade as a caped crusader at your next cocktail party with this awesome mask. 

  • Stella McCartney Iris Wool-Twill Blazer
    Photo credit: Everette Collection

    Stella McCartney Iris Wool-Twill Blazer ($1295)


    When President Clinton took office, Hillary Clinton made tailored pantsuits a thing, and Dana Scully, star of The X-Files, was fully committed to said fashion trend. We truly believe they even helped solve the mysterious cases she and her FBI partner Fox Mulder had to tackle. (Come on, if you can believe in the paranormal, you can believe this tailored blazer can change the world!)


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