Crucial Interview Advice We’ve Never Heard Before

Crucial Interview Advice We’ve Never Heard Before

We all know the basics of job interviewing: dress appropriately, be prompt, and send a thank-you note. However, when we came across this interview with InStyle’s editor-in-chief, Ariel Foxman, on The Huffington Post, we grabbed our pens and notepads. Foxman tackles tough topics like how to talk about money, what to say when you’re asked about your biggest weaknesses, and what the biggest turn-offs are in an interview.

Scroll down for his must-know advice on nailing your dream job!

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    Do Familiarize Yourself With The Industry

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    “Things that really impress me are a deep knowledge of the brand, a deep knowledge of the challenges our brand and the industry are facing and being able to articulate that and ask questions around that. Somebody who can talk about the brand, the company, the industry, in a window larger than a month. So it's not just the current issue, or what they saw this morning.”

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    Don’t Be Uninformed

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    When someone who is interviewing for a job is uninformed about our brand, I'm left confused about why they are here. I don't expect someone to know a whole lot about the job that they are interviewing for—that would be very difficult to know. What I am expecting is [that you] have done your homework and your research, by reviewing what is available to the general public.”

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    Do Your Homework

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    There is no excuse for not having read our past six issues, for not having looked at InStyle on your phone for the last five days leading up to your interview. There is no excuse for not having looked at our videos on YouTube. There is just no excuse because that's available and it's essentially free.”

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    Don’t Get Chummy

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    “I totally discount a lot for nerves, but there is this level of chumminess that sometimes occurs at an interview that I find really strange and it's so off-putting to the point where I feel like the person could care less if they get the job or not. People fret about what they are going to wear, but I think you should worry more about tone.”

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    Do Say “I Really Want This Job”

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    I'm always impressed when somebody says in the interview 'I really would like this job.’ And nobody says it. Very, very few people say it. When anybody asks me, what should I say in an interview? What should I ask? What's the best question to ask? When somebody says to you in an interview, 'Do you have a question to ask me?' My recommendation would always be to say, 'Is there anything else I can do to support my candidacy for this job because I guarantee, if you hire me, I will do my best not only in the job, but to make sure that you don't regret hiring me. I want this job so badly.' There is no question you ask that is going to have a better impact than that.”

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    Don’t Make Your Biggest Weakness An Unbelievable One

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    I think that's a really lazy interview question and I'm probably guilty of having asked that years ago. I think an appropriate answer is, 'It's really hard for me to tell you what my weaknesses are, I'm sure I have them. I can tell you this: If I were given the job, which I hope I will be given because I know I would be a great match, the thing that I would have a learning curve around is...' Everyone has faults and no one is really asking you about your personality, people are like, 'Well, I'll pick the most useful fault. Like I'm super organized, or I'm really early, or my roommate says I'm so clean.' And it's ridiculous.”

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    Do Know What To Say When Money Comes Up

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    The answer, or part of the answer to say is, 'I've never been in a situation where the compensation was ultimately the deal-breaker when the opportunity was so right. I would love to keep having this conversation and let's tackle that further down the road.' And when you say something like that, it completely disarms the numbers piece of that. It's basically like, 'If we both love each other enough, I'm pretty sure we will both be able to give.'”

    For the full interview, go here.

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