Jennifer Lopez Found the Perfect Post-Holiday Outfit

Dacy Knight

Much like dressing for every event and gathering the holiday brings, post-holiday dressing poses its own set of challenges. Unlike the former, for which we plan and set out outfits to meet every occasion, the latter usually remains an afterthought that surprises us once the holiday hubbub has died down. Typically the days following the holidays find us tired, full, and a bit stylistically uninspired. Apart from readying our New Year's Eve outfit, we're only really in the mood for something cozy and relaxed to get us through the remaining days before we return to the real world.

To meet these needs, we can turn to Jennifer Lopez, who recently demonstrated exactly how to put together the perfect post-holiday outfit. Lopez stepped out in wide-legged, high-waisted pinstripe pants. The dramatic look made a statement while also providing the loose silhouette we crave as we recover from our holiday indulgences. Lopez pared back the trousers with a casual white pocket tee and cozied up with a long ivory knit sweater. In true J.Lo style, she amped up her ensemble with platform pumps and larger-than-life hoop earrings, but depending on your own use of accessories and footwear, this outfit could work just as effectively for a dressy event as it could for a casual outing.

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