Jenna Lyons' Unexpected Advice On What To Wear To Work

PHOTO: Getty Images

If there's one woman you want to hear talk about what you should be wearing to work, it's probably Jenna Lyons, right? The CEO of J.Crew completely re-imagined the brand's casual-chic-office aesthetic, and she herself is a living, breathing example of perfect workplace attire. When The Cut talked to her at J.Crew's launch for their pop-up shop collaboration with the CFDA, they (and we) were pretty surprised by her advice on how to dress for work.

"If your teeth are clean and you have a good handshake and you’re groomed, I don’t care what you wear," Lyons told them. "Go for it. Whatever works for you. There are a lot of legs in our office."

There you have it, folks! If Jenna Lyons decrees it, it must be so. (Of course, that doesn't mean you shouldn't pull out a pair of stylish slacks every now and then.)

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