2013's Breakout Stars

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    When it comes to actresses, 2013 is a breakthrough year for breakouts! Bonjour, fresh faces. Welcome back, familiar faves with new projects. From wide-eyed inga©nues to industry vets, these talented ladies all have one thing in common: they are really set to bring it--on the big and small screens and on the red carpet. Click through our slideshow to see our top 15 to watch.

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    WHO: Alicia Vikander
    WHAT: Stole the scenes in Anna Karenina.
    WHY: After a starring role in the Danish film A Royal Affair-Oscar-nominated for best foreign language film-she'll tackle The Seventh Son alongside Julianne Moore, out in October.

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    WHO: Addison Timlin
    WHAT: Hit the small screen in Showtime's Californication.
    WHY: Timlin stars alongside Anton Yelchin in the indie Odd Thomas and in ABC's conspiracy drama Zero Hour, which premieres on Feb 14th.

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    WHO: Alice Englert
    WHAT: You don't know her yet. Although you probably know her mother, The Piano director Jane Campion.
    WHY: Next month this New Zealand beauty will star opposite Elle Fanning in the coming-of-ager Ginger and Rosa and then in YA book-to-screen Beautiful Creatures alongside Alden Ehrenreich and Emmy Rossum.

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    WHO: Haley Bennett
    WHAT: Admit it, you've seen her in Marley & Me.
    WHY: Stars in this summer's as-yet-untitled film from visionary director Terrence Malick, college horror flick Random alongside Ashley Greene, and the indie Deep Powder.

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    WHO: Ahna O'Reilly
    WHAT: Starred in The Help.
    WHY: O'Reilly has a slew of indies in 2013 including the buzzed-about James Franco-directed As I Lay Dying. Also on deck: Fruitvale, a film about the iconic rise and fall of CBGBs and the Steve Jobs movie with Ashton Kutcher.

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    WHO: Nicole Beharie
    WHAT: Courted scandal alongside real-life ex-boyfriend Michael Fassbender in the indie shocker Shame.
    WHY: Beharie stars as Jackie Robinson's wife Rachel in 42, the upcoming biopic on the famous baseball player, out this April.

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    WHO: Eleanor Tomlinson
    WHAT: After 2008's UK hit Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging, the English press dubbed her "the next Keira Knightley."
    WHY: Tomlinson stars opposite Nicholas Hoult (who's set to have a big year himself!) in Jack and the Giant Slayer, out this spring, and the indie Heaven and Earth.

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    WHO: Kaya Scodelario
    WHAT: Took the lead in the third season of UK teen drama Skins.
    WHY: The fiery Brit is set to break out as the lead of Sundance film Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes alongside Jessica Biel.

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    WHO: Lake Bell
    WHAT: Starred in HBO's How to Make It in America.
    WHY: Bell not only has a movie at Sundance-In a World...-she wrote, directed, and stars in it!

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    WHO: Lizzy Caplan
    WHAT: Known for cult TV and movies-everything from TV's beloved Freaks and Geeks and cater-waiter comedy Party Down to you-watch-it-every-weekend Mean Girls.
    WHY: Caplan plays '60s-era scientist Virginia Johnson in Showtime's upcoming drama Masters of Sex. (Welcome back to TV, Lizzy!)

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    WHO: Meagan Good
    WHAT: Starred with Samuel L. Jackson in the family drama Eve's Bayou.
    WHY: As the star of NBC's soapy drama Deception, Good begins heating up the small screen this week.

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    WHO: Saoirse Ronan
    WHAT: Starred in the gruesome child-assassin thriller Hanna.
    WHY: Stars in sci-fi thriller The Host alongside Diana Kruger and hot newcomers Max Irons and Jake Abel, out in March; medieval tale Justin and the Knights of Valour out in August; and war drama How I Live Now out in October.

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    WHO: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
    WHAT: Nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for her role as a tortured alcoholic in Smashed.
    WHY: Up next is Sundance coming-of-ager The Spectacular Now with an amazing young cast and A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III directed by Roman Coppola.

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    WHO: Teresa Palmer
    WHAT: Starred in alien thriller I am Number Four.
    WHY: This March she'll star opposite About a Boy alum/Jennifer Lawrence's ex Nicholas Hoult in zombie love story Warm Bodies.

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    WHO: Greta Gerwig
    WHAT: Quirked up the indie screenery in Lola Versus.
    WHY: There's a reason our spell-check changes "Greta" to "great." Gerwig wrote and stars in the amazing black and white film Frances Ha (directed by boyfriend/Squid and the Whale helmer Noah Baumbach) that's out this summer.

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