After receiving a plethora of Ask A Stylist questions from readers wanting to know the best ways to wear vintage garments, we decided to answer your queries in video format! This topic is particularly near and dear to our hearts, because, frankly, weÂ're wholly enamored with all things vintage! After all, an authentic fifties Chanel chain handbag, psychedelic patterned Emilio Pucci blouse, or retro pair of Ted Lapidus sunglasses can elevate an otherwise quotidian look and add a dash of untraceable cool to even the most stylish ensemble. Not to mention the fact that incorporating a few fashion pieces from the past into your present outfits is a sure-fire way to create one of a kind, on-trend ensembles. In todayÂ's episode of Who What Wear TV weÂ'll show you how to do just that, with a little help from our favorite vintage retailer, The Way We Wore!

Photo of Sienna Miller, INF Photo.
EXPLORE: Rachel Bilson, Sienna Miller, Emilio Pucci, Jenni Kayne, How To Wear


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