While weÂ'd never be so bold as to consider ourselves sneakerheadsÂ--not even closeÂ--we think that the time is ripe for a little ode to kicks. Reasons for our call to action include, but are not limited to the following: weÂ've received numerous questions from readers about whatÂ's hot in the land of trainers, springÂ's sporty clothes need equally athletic accessories, and because they are a superb accompaniment to skinny jeans.We turned to the expertise of Samantha Ronson (she of fantastic DJ skills and owner of more than 300 pairs of sneakers) for a little advice. Her guidelines were as laid back as one might expect from a woman who eschews heels. Â"Whether theyÂ're high or low, sneakers are classic, and you canÂ't go wrong with a black or white pair,Â" she says. Â"Just wear what feels comfortable, unless comfortable equals really alien-looking sneakers.Â" RonsonÂ's non-Roswellian selects? Dunks, Chucks, Vans, and old-school Adidas like Rod Lavers.

For the less die-hard, we suggest these simple guidelinesÂ--low-tops with dresses, skirts, and relaxed trousers (as seen on Carmen Kass, above) and high-tops for skinny jeans. Low-tops go best with skirts because as they avoid the dreaded Â"cankleÂ" effect that high-tops may cause. However, high-tops are great with skinny jeans (tuck the ends into the tops of your sneakers) because they further accentuate the long, slim cut of your pants.

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