The Sexy Way To Wear Your Coat

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    We’ll come right out and say it: a short hemline plus a longer coat equals the sexiest way to wear your coat. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s address the logistics. If you’re unsure how to execute this slightly intimidating ensemble equation, click through for 12 examples from fashionable celebs, chic street stylers, and standout runway looks.

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    Allison Williams

    Sexy Scale: Mild
    The Girls actress recently stepped out in New York in a Christian Dior dress and nude Christian Louboutin pumps—a super chic combo, to be sure. But what caught our eye was the dramatic, sweeping gray coat Williams wore. Who said ladylike and sexy can’t be synonymous? We sure didn’t.

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    PHOTO: Adam Katz Sinding of Le 21ème

    Street Style

    Sexy Scale: Mild
    Commit to the part with a pop of color to define your hemline, like this off-duty model. She paired a menswear coat with crimson shorts and a slouchy t-shirt, creating the perfect balance between masculine and feminine (the ultimate goal, in our humble opinion).

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    EXPLORE: shirt, skirt, coat, Boots
    PHOTO: Justin Campbell/

    Hailee Steinfeld

    Sexy Scale: Light
    If you’re looking for more of a cool-girl vibe rather than sex kitten, go with Steinfeld’s recent outfit. She layered a shin-length black coat over a Prabal Gurung top and skirt, and accessorized with a brimmed-hat and lace-up boots, giving the ensemble a relaxed, unstudied appeal.

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    PHOTO: The Styleograph

    Street Style

    Sexy Scale: Light
    We’re not suggesting you seduce your boss (that never ends up well), but this look is a perfect example of how to make your sexy-coat ensemble work at the office. The key is selecting pieces with sharp lines and muted colors, and wearing sleek accessories.

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    EXPLORE: Sandals, shirt, Shorts, coat

    Valentino S/S 14

    Sexy Scale: Mild
    We understand that not everyone wants to define her look as “sexy,” which is why we included this incredibly romantic ensemble from Valentino’s S/S 14 runway. The tassel, cheetah-print coat combined with satin shorts and bow-tie blouse left us utterly inspired.

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    PHOTO: Style Du Monde

    Street Style

    Sexy Scale: Light
    Okay, so we know it’s like, 1 degree outside, but tuck this one away for spring (if it ever comes). If you’re trying to make denim cutoffs and a blouse feel fresh, all you need to do is toss a bright, lightweight coat over it. Those cheetah-print brogues would probably help, too.

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    PHOTO: coat, runway, boots, shorts

    Miu Miu S/S 14

    Sexy Scale: Sizzling
    Forgive the pun (it was just too easy), but what better way to rock this look than with a cat-print coat?

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    PHOTO: Just Another Fashion Blog

    Lisa Dengler of Just Another Fashion Blog 
    Sexy Scale: Mild 
    We love a good black-and-white ensemble, which is why we squealed with delight when we spotted this stylish blogger in a white ASOS cocoon coat, and black dress and ankle boots. Bonus style tip: try a pendant necklace, like Dengler’s vintage key one.

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    EXPLORE: shirt, Shorts, coat, Boots
    PHOTO: Fashion Vibe

    Zina Charkoplia of Fashion Vibe
    Sexy Scale: Sizzling
    ​If you told us to pair thigh-high boots with leather shorts, we’d probably inch away slowly, but this outfit totally works. Why, you ask? Allow us to apply the law of physics: to achieve the perfect sexy coat outfit, the degree at which your scandalous pieces increase must travel at the same speed your casual pieces increase. In other words: balance it out and you’re golden.

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    EXPLORE: Runway, Sandals, dress, coat

    Carven S/S 14

    Sexy Scale: Mild
    ​Admittedly the inspiration for this story, Carven’s S/S 14 runway was chock full of great ways to wear a long coat with a short hemline. This particular look is great because it balances a spicy LBD with a floral print coat, for an always-desirable effortless look.

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    PHOTO: The Styleograph

    Alexandra Golovanoff

    Sexy Scale: Mild
    We knew we could rely on this stylish journalist to exhibit an ensemble with elements of insider appeal and sex appeal. She drew attention to her legs and her waistline by fastening a lime coat around matching tweed top and shorts. The takeaway: if you’ve got a matching shorts set, try it with a long coat.

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    EXPLORE: Shoes, sweater, skirt, coat
    PHOTO: Adenorah

    Anne-Laure of Adenorah
    Sexy Scale: Light
    ​The French do sexy well, which is why we turned to blogger Anne-Laure for style advice. Her Choies coat paired with a Forever 21 sweater and skirt looked ultra-chic, especially when accessorized with bold H&M sunglasses and sporty Stan Smith shoes.

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    Joyce Linen Mix Coat ($670)

    Try it with: leather shorts and a chunky sweater.

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    Duster Coat ($111)

    Try it with: a textured dress.

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    Steven Alan

    Car Coat ($425)

    Try it with: denim cutoffs and a ladylike blouse.

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    Dogtooth Printed Throw On Coat ($150)

    Try it with: a fedora and motorcycle boots.

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    Club Monaco

    Isabella Trench ($329)

    Try it with: a t-shirt and polished shorts.

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    Poodle Coat ($445)

    Try it with: a slip dress

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Joyce Linen Mix Coat

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Duster Coat

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Car Coat

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Dogtooth Printed Throw On Coat

Dogtooth Printed Throw On Coat

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Isabella Trench

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Poodle Coat

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