6 Ways To Stand Out In An Interview

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    You can prep all you want before an interview, but sometimes it’s the small things that might actually make a difference. So we turned to Kerr and Power for their expert advice on what impresses them during an interview. We bet you’re curious! Click through to find out how you can step up your game during your next interview session. 

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    Bring Ideas To The Table

    “Show that you’ve researched the company and what they do by bringing in some fresh ideas. Give them a taste of what they’d get if they hired you. When we interview editors, the ones who stand out are the ones who walk in with story ideas ready to go.” - Katherine Power

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    Do Your Research

    “I always appreciate it when potential hires ask in-depth questions that show they’re really curious about the position and truly familiar with our company. Never ask us anything that you could get from a cursory Google search.” – Hillary Kerr

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    Show Your Interest

    “Employers want to hire people who are excited about their company. Let potential employers know that you are interested and eager by following up immediately after the interview with an email. Next, put a handwritten thank you card in the mail, so that you’ll stay top of mind throughout the interview process. You need to do both.” – Katherine Power

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    Dress For The Occasion

    “Like it or not, what you wear communicates a great deal about you before you even open your mouth, so dress for the occasion. We live in a pretty casual world, but interviews call for a certain level of polish. You certainly don’t have to wear a suit, but you do need to show some effort.” – Hillary Kerr

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    Show Off Your Sensibilities

    “If you are applying for a creative job, put some time into building out a Pinterest page or Tumblr to showcase your sensibilities and taste through the curation of images. We all want people with good taste.” – Katherine Power

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    Be Prepared

    “Always bring several copies of your resume to the interview, as well as whatever reference materials you’d like to share, like clips or a portfolio. It just makes things easier for everyone, and shows you’re serious about the process." – Hillary Kerr

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