Is Your Wardrobe Cool Enough For 2014?

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    Whether it’s a trendy item that got a little too much exposure (we’re looking at you, wedge sneakers) or a classic staple that’s begging for a fresh update, think of us as your style whisperers who are here to help you stay ahead of the fashion curve for the year ahead. Because really, who wants to be the girl still wearing last year’s Zara skort? 

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    1. Bag

    Swap Out: Large Handbag
    Swap In: Daytime Clutch

    ​Image courtesy of Stockholm Street Style

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    PHOTO: The Northern Light

    2. Sweater

    Swap Out: Statement Sweatshirt
    Swap In: Chunky Turtleneck

    ​Hedvig Opshaug of The Northern Light

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    PHOTO: Song of Style

    3. Boot

    Swap Out: Western Ankle Bootie
    Swap In: Thigh-High Boot

    Aimee Song of Song Of Style

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    PHOTO: Victoria Tornegren

    4. Coats

    Swap Out: Pea Coat
    Swap In: Oversized Boyfriend Coat

    Victoria Tornegren of Victoria Tornegren

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    PHOTO: Lee Oliveira

    5. Color Theory

    Swap Out: Color-Blocking
    Swap In: Monochrome ​

    ​Image courtesy of Lee Oliveira

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    PHOTO: Natalie Off Duty

    6. Hat

    Swap Out: Leather Baseball Cap
    Swap In: Newsboy Cap

    Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty

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    PHOTO: Stockholm Street Style

    7. Jeans

    Swap Out: Skinny Jeans
    Swap In: Straight-Leg Cropped Jeans

    ​Image courtesy of Stockholm Street Style

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    PHOTO: Stockholm Street Style

    8. Sneakers

    Swap Out: Wedge Sneakers
    Swap In: High-Top Sneakers

    Image courtesy of Stockholm Street Style

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    PHOTO: A Portable Package

    9. Skirt

    Swap Out: Envelope Mini Skirt
    Swap In: Slim Mid-Calf Skirt

    Irina Lakicevic of A Portable Package

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    PHOTO: Camille Over The Rainbow

    10. Pants

    Swap Out: Track Pants
    Swap In: Leather Trousers

    Camille Charrière of Camille Over The Rainbow

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    PHOTO: Vanessa Jackman

    11. Heels

    Swap Out: Lace-Up Heels
    ​Swap In: Mules

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    PHOTO: Stockholm Street Style

    12. Layering Trick

    Swap Out: Shirt Tied Around Waist
    Swap In: Sweater Draped Over Shoulders

    ​Image courtesy of Stockholm Street Style

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    PHOTO: Vanessa Jackman

    13. Showing Skin

    Swap Out: Crop Top
    ​Swap In: Off-The-Shoulder Shirt

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    PHOTO: We Wore What

    14. Flats

    Swap Out: Ballet Flats
    Swap In: Pointed-Toe Loafers

    Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What

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    PHOTO: Lella Victoria

    15. Pants Hem 

    Swap Out: Cuffed
    Swap In: Unfinished Hems

    Daniella Robins of Lella Victoria

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    PHOTO: Song Of Style

    16. Earrings

    Swap Out: Statement Earrings
    Swap In: Multiple Tiny Earrings

    Aimee Song of Song Of Style

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    PHOTO: Majawyh

    17. Shirt Styling

    Swap Out: Tucked-In Top
    Swap In: Long And Loose Tops

    Majawyh of Majawyh

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