12 Secrets To Looking Better In Photos With Model Cate Underwood

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    Enter Cate Underwood: the 23-year-old model/photographer/DJ, who not only knows the secrets to working it in front of the camera (she modeled for Vogue Russia), but also knows what looks best from behind the camera (she’s shot for Vogue Ukraine, ELLE Ukraine, and Harper’s Bazaar Ukraine). Read on for Underwood’s insider tips so at your next holiday party or family gathering, you’ll be prepared to look your very best when the flash comes your way. 

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    PHOTO: Cate Underwood

    The Key To A Natural Smile

    ​“Usually I ask to be told a joke, so I can smile naturally, which is the best kind of smile.”

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    PHOTO: Cate Underwood

    The Most Flattering Position 

    ​“Cross your legs.”

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    PHOTO: Cate Underwood

    Trick For Better Posture

    Pretend you are squeezing a lemon in between your shoulder blades to instantly improve slumping shoulders.

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    PHOTO: Cate Underwood

    Avoid A Double Chin

    “Move your chin a little forward and down.”

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    PHOTO: Cate Underwood

    Makeup Secrets

    “A little bit of highlighter on the cheekbones and inside angles of the eyes looks good.”

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    PHOTO: Cate Underwood

    Even The Playing Field

    In a group shot, make sure you are all an even distance from the camera. If one person is closer to the lens, they will look bigger.

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    PHOTO: Cate Underwood

    Instantly Thin Arms

    Don’t jam your arms up against your body, as it will flatten them. Instead, hold them out from your body.

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    PHOTO: Cate Underwood

    If You’re Not Feeling Confident, Fake It

    “When you are just starting to model, you are nervous all the time. Experience makes a big difference for your confidence in front of the camera.”

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    PHOTO: Cate Underwood

    Define Your Jaw

    Pretend there is a string pulling up your nose ever so slightly, which will help define your jawline.

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    PHOTO: Cate Underwood

    Know Your Better Side, And Use It!

    “Since I was a child I already knew my 'better' side or at least I thought that it is a better one.” To find your best side, take a few selfies of each side, and compare to see which you prefer.

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    PHOTO: Cate Underwood

    Emphasize Your Eyes

    “Use makeup to make your eyes look bigger. Any tricks to open your eyes wider won't look natural.”

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    PHOTO: Cate Underwood

    Project Happiness

    “The only way is to be yourself at this point and start to love even your defects—that is exactly what makes you different from others.”

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