Rebound Wardobe: How To Look Smokin' Hot After A Breakup

Isn’t it enough he broke your heart? No way he gets to make your style suffer too. Let newly single ladies like Miranda Kerr and Nina Dobrev, walk you through the 5 stages of the perfect rebound wardrobe.

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  • How do you survive a split like an A-lister? For starters, you need to dress like one. Ditch the tattered sweatpants and the who-cares-about-clothes-when-I-will-never-love-again attitude and take a page from these stylish celebs’ playbooks.

    Just like Celine Dion, we promise that your heart will go on…

  • Stage 1
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    Stage 1

    In the aftershock of the breakup, you’ll seek out comfort in all its forms, from a mind-numbing reality TV marathon to the sweet carb coma that comes from a junk food binge.  Sartorially speaking, now is a great time to break out your boyfriend jeans.  Pair them with colorful pumps and a cool hat (bonus points for hiding your less-than-clean hair) like Katie Holmes, who, it must be said, looks better than ever post TomKat.

  • Sterling Pointed Heels ($57) in Cranberry

  • Stage 2
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    Stage 2

    Now that you have accepted the demise of your relationship, you are ready to mourn it.  During this somber period, you will gravitate toward dark colors. Possibly all black. But lest you want to look like Morticia Addams, take note of how Liberty Ross, who split from husband Rupert Sanders last year, worked a monochrome palette recently while out in LA. Her Christian Dior tuxedo dress is as chic as it gets.

  • Stage 3
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    Stage 3

    You’ve had enough of moping around your house, crying to your cat. You’re ready for a proper girl’s night out.  Chances are you’ll want to wear something provocative. However, in your fragile state, take care not to overdo it.  For inspiration, look to Selena Gomez (who seems to have given the Biebs the boot once and for all). While in Milan, she opted for this Versace  S/S 14 dress, whose risqué, S&M-inspired bodice is offset by its girly skirt and Gomez’s moody, Mulberry-stained lips.

  • Stage 4
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    Stage 4

    Part of the road to recovery means re-discovering yourself now that the “we” has become a “me” again.  This stage is all about venturing outside your comfort zone, so it’s a great time to try a bold trend like over-the-knee boots or a graphic mini.  Here, Miranda Kerr, who split from husband Orlando Bloom (sniff, sniff), wears a pair of Hermes F/W 12 boots, a Balenciaga Sphinx Tee ($845) and Skirt ($775).

  • Jacquard Shift Dress ($179) in Midnight Blue/Marble

  • Stage 5
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    Stage 5

    You’ve been feeling a lot better lately but you still have your down days. Next time a case of the blues starts coming on, fight it off with a cheerful hue like yellow or orange. Psychologists and interior designers alike have long argued the merits of color therapy.  Here, Nina Dobrev, who broke up with longtime boyfriend Ian Somerhalder earlier this year, shines in a Julian McDonald dress whose bright shade reminded us of fresh, spring daffodil.


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