Fake a Fresh Face

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    For many of us the day doesn't end at 6 p.m., in fact, sometimes it's just getting started. Parties, dinners, and nights out on the town mean sometimes being a little tired is the badge of a fun life--but looking tired is no fun at all. The solution? Perfecting an a.m. routine to look and feel fresh and rested! So we checked in with a few of our favorite "It" girls for their post-party regimen. For these tastemakers, burning the candle at both ends means fashion week, award season, premieres, and early mornings to match--so naturally we had to know their secrets.
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    Tennessee Thomas

    Late nights are the name of the game for musicians like Thomas, drummer for The Like. "In the morning I make a smoothie loaded up with whatever fruit or veggies I have in the fridge and a few supplements," she says. "And I love The Russian and Turkish Baths in New York for the hottest sauna and iciest plunge pool in town," Thomas says. "Then I use whatever natural and organic products I have on hand from Dr. Hauschka."
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    Annabelle Dexter-Jones

    Model/designer Dexter-Jones recovers from a night out with a lineup of hot and cold: Dr. Hauschka's Facial Steam Bath ($35), the brand's Cleansing Clay Mask ($50), followed by an ice mask, like TheraPearl's Eye-ssential Pack ($12).
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    Ruby Aldridge

    Models are on the go 24/7 during fashion month, so who better to trust regarding instant face refreshers? "I apply a teaspoon of raw, organic honey as a pre-bed face mask," Aldridge says. "Cleanse your skin well and leave it on for 15 minutes." In the morning the model grabs a fresh juice: "Drink an antioxidant-rich drink that is made fresh, and it's so simple, but an eyelash curler really gives you that extra perk."
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    Chelsea Leyland

    Leyland opts for a jolt of nutrition the morning after a party. "A green juice is key for me," says the jet-setting DJ. "I don't drink coffee so it's my replacement. I love Dr. Green Juice from the Juice Press, and I also make a smoothie every morning with maca for energy. It really helps when I'm run down."
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    Harley Viera-Newton

    Model/DJ Viera-Newton reaches for a lineup of skin-saving potions. "For post-night out help, I rely on Clinique's Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector ($40) to cool the eyes and help with puffiness, Dior's Hydra Life Beauty Awakening Rehydrating Mask ($40) to give my skin a moisture boost, and Cle de Peau's Concealer ($70) for covering dark circles and any blemishes." Once she has her face whipped into shape she smoothes Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream ($20) onto her lips: "It's my savior! That and water, water, water!"
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    Whitney Port

    "Removing your makeup before bed eliminates so many of your problems before you wake up and have to look at yourself in the mirror!" Port says. In the morning the designer applies Finer Skin Institute's Hydrating Masque ($36) before using an old-school trick. "Put two spoons in the freezer in advance. When you wake up, take them out of the freezer and lay the backs on your eyes. The coldness really helps reduce swelling and redness," she says. "Then grab a refreshing fresh juice."
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