Are You Unknowingly Ruining Your Clothes?

Before you take your next trip to the dry cleaners, consider this irony: you likely take your clothes to the dry cleaner so they look their best, but the high drying temperatures and chemicals used in the dry-cleaning process can deteriorate fabric over time, decreasing your clothing’s lifespan. As women who work hard for our money and care (probably too much) about our clothes, we’re aiming to go to the dry cleaner a little less. To this end, we put together five tips to skip the dry cleaner, or at least stretch the time between visits.

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    Tip 1:

    Most garments have a care tag with instructions for wash. You only need to take it to the dry cleaners if it reads: “dry clean only.”

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    Tip 2:

    This product works miracles for odor removal: Dryel In-Dryer Cleaning Starter Kit ($8).

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    Tip 3:

    Many at-home cleaning attempts go awry in the drying stage, as dryers can harm the fibers and cause shrinkage. If you’re unsure, avoid the dryer completely, and gently push out the excess water, and lay it flat on a towel to try.

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    Tip 4:

    An excellent steamer will get out most wrinkles, and will save you money in the long run.

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    Tip 5:

    Clothing manufacturers don’t want to be responsible for unhappy customers or returned merchandise that has been ruined by home washing, so they err on the conservative side when recommending clothing care. This means they may label an item as “dry clean,” when you can safely clean at home.

    Are you going to start dry cleaning your clothing less? Let us know in the comments below!

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