We Asked Guys on Tinder How They Feel About Culottes

Jessica Schiffer

Once you’ve been around the Tinder block for a while and realize that your dream of a technology-fueled romance is just not in the cards—or, shall we say, gigabytes—you either delete the app or get creative.

Well, I’m no quitter, so when I realized that Tinder would not be delivering in the love shack anytime soon, I was determined to make use of it in other ways. It quickly revealed itself as a great crowdsourcing tool, so I decided to look into the straight-male perspective on culottes—surely one of the most divisive sartorial topics of our time.

It turns out that you can learn a lot about someone, bachelors especially, by how they react to your funky fashion questions. I don’t want to make any vast generalizations—I’m sure there’s a man out there somewhere who fully understands my thing for culottes—but it’s safe to say that the Tinder quotient I spoke to was, well, very confused.

Scroll down to see how the men of Tinder feel about culottes, and stick it to ’em by shopping some of our favorite pairs!

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