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Greetings readers, and welcome to the final fantastic chapter in our Holiday Gift Guide primer. Today weÂ're turning your attention to a subject we donÂ't usually focus onÂ--the fellows, of course! Much like you, we occasionally suffer from present-induced panic attacks when itÂ's time to shop for the men in our lives, but hopefully our multi-man roundup will keep you from hitting the klonopin. Wanting to make this guide as thorough and helpful as possible, we turned to a beloved show, Gossip Girl, for a little categorical inspiration. Whether youÂ're looking for something sublime for your brother, beau, or best guy friend, weÂ're confident that youÂ'll discover plenty of foolproof presents.

Before we conclude our annual gift coverage, we must quickly thank all the wonderful gentlemen who so kindly contributed to todayÂ's story. WeÂ're indebted to these fashionable fellows, as they gave us invaluable assistance and information, all of which was very much appreciated. On behalf of the entire team, thank you! As for the rest of you, please read on for our recommendations and enjoy the holiday season!

Every Monday night, we find ourselves hypnotized by Gossip Girl's glossy, saucy world and the characters who live in this lovely pseudo New York. Our deep attachment to the show stems, in no small part, from the antics of a certain antiheroÂ--the one and only Chuck Bass. The Upper East Side rogue has us wrapped around his little finger, forcing us to return each week for another dose of his dandy wardrobe and trouble-making waysÂ--both of which dance on the edge of total over-the-top ridiculousness. But what can a girl do? WeÂ're simply smitten with the Bass, from his precise hair part to his hysterical footwear choices, and figured heÂ'd be the consummate inspiration for The Fop! With Chuck Bass as our guide, we found some fashionably flamboyant and seriously sweet pieces ranging from the latest gadgets to retro accessories. Surely thereÂ's something in our roundup that will be perfect for the most stylish fellow you know.

David Hart & Co. Dundee Old Ancient Tartan Bow Tie ($115)
This Orson Wellesian bow tie is perfectly suited for Mr. Chuck Bass, Brad from The Rachel Zoe Project, or anyone else who identifies with this sort of snappy style. The eye-catching plaid pattern is hand tailored from authentic Scottish wool and it will surely bring out the dandy in any guy.

BOSS Black Falgar Wool Scarf icon($45)
This cozy piece encompasses all of the essential elements needed in a truly great scarf: soft wool fabric, short fringe, and warm multi-colored stripes! Wrap it around your fellowÂ's neck and enjoy the dapper effect.

Roku Netflix Player ($99)
Modern-day fops pay just as much attention to their electronics as their outfits, because they consider such gear as an extension of their panache. Considering this, you should brighten their holiday season with the Netflix Player (it's the new TiVo!) from Roku. The innovative gadget allows Netflix members to instantly stream movies to their TVs, meaning no more waiting by the mailbox for fresh DVDs. (Mac users take note: right now the Roku only works for PCs, sorry.)

James Colarusso Bit Cufflinks ($495)
If your fop was better behaved than Chuck Bass this year, reward him with these fancy-schmancy cufflinks from New York artist-turned-jewelry designer, James Colarusso. HeÂ's sure to freak out over the horse bit style, as itÂ's subversive and preppyÂ--a winning combination indeed! Available in either silver ($495) or gold ($1525), the cufflinks are an exquisite finishing touch on any debonair ensemble.

Seize sur Vingt Mother of Pearl Collar Stays ($45)
Beauty is in the details (a phrase thatÂ's particularly true for The Fop), so these sharp collar stays are an appropriate embellishment for his wardrobe. They will impart the wearer with a sense of old-world style and ensure a crisp-looking collar at all times. Just think of them as an additional little bit of flair to help gild his classic and well-groomed style.

Gendarme Spray Cologne ($72)
Now that we've equipped our perfectly polished guy with a handful of first-rate goodies, we want to make sure he wears a scent that complements his charm. The blend of citrus, verbena, jasmine, thyme, and leather in this delightful cologne is formulated to mix with the user's own personal scent for a unique and signature aroma.

We like to think that every man has a few Mr. Nice Guy qualities, so you might just find that the gifts in this category are applicable for lots of different recipients. Our ode to Dan HumphreyÂ--and wonderful, witty, adorably normal guys everywhereÂ--has lots of appeal, from Christopher-Walken-biography-reading head to argyle-sock-wearing toes.

A.P.C. Sailor Pullover ($290)
When dressing up your Nice Guy, it is important to start with an exemplary base piece, like this wool crew neck sweater. This wardrobe staple distinguishes itself with its ribbed border and button-detailed shoulder, so it will be a well-received holiday handout.

WMF Design Team Deck of Cards Flask ($45)
Finally, there is a handheld contraption that condones Mr. Nice Guy's two favorite vices (drinking and cards)! Surprise the MNG in your life with this present and he'll be eternally grateful for his superior status on boys' night.

Christopher Walken A to Z: The Man-The Movies-The Legend by Robert Schnakenberg ($17) Every dude we've consulted agrees that Christopher Walken is, hands-down, one of the greatest male figures of all time. All men universally revere him, but something tells us that Mr. Nice Guys particularly idolize Walken. If your MNG doesnÂ't already own this first-ever biography on the accomplished man, now is the time to give him one!

J. Crew Argyle Socksicon ($15)
Believe it or not, the majority of fellows we spoke to listed socks (albeit Â"fancy socksÂ" or Â"fun socksÂ") at the top of their holiday wish lists. To satisfy the widespread demand, we found this cozy cotton pair, because a little bit of argyle goes a long way!

Nike Dunk High Premium Shoes ($105)
Inside every Mr. Nice Guy lurks a boyish alter ego who yearns to receive a pair of awesome dunks this Christmakkuh. Since you can't go wrong with Nike, we chose these performance running shoes, as we love their versatile berry-on-gray color combo.

Topman Casual Canvas Holdall ($60)
This carefree bag stems from one of our newfound guilty pleasure shopping sites, Topman (the male version of Topshop!). It is an optimum satchel for MNG to utilize on a number of occasions. Whether he's headed to work, the gym, or a sleepover at your house, it is sizable enough to carry all of his assets!

Just because a fellow wakes up one morning and finds himself on the wrong side of thirty doesnÂ't mean heÂ's doomed to a future of pleat-front khakis and crossword puzzles. If youÂ've got a slightly seasoned hipster on your shopping list, weÂ've got some Rufus Humphrey-style stuff thatÂ's sophisticated, but still has a sense of humor. Our selections are perfect for the guy whoÂ's wholly adult but still heartbreakingly cool.

Topman Navy Slim-Fit Peacoat ($170)
Every handsome daddy-o is in need of a sweet winter coat, so we strongly implore you to consider this one. The classic double-breasted style, neutral navy shade, and slim-fitting structure qualify this jacket as a valuable addition to any closet.

Wall and Piece by Bansky ($23)
We are endlessly intrigued by BanksyÂ--the renowned anonymous British graffiti artist is a mad geniusÂ--so we had to put a book of his work in today's gift guide. The collection is full of witty and satirical stencils that will make a fine addendum to any Downtown Dad's coffee table.

Psycho Bunny Golf Crest Tie ($115)
As of late, Psycho Bunny neckties have become a highly coveted item for anyone who enjoys their traditions with a twist. As such, we selected this silk necktie (preppy stripes, bunny skull pattern) as a splendid suit accessory for your Rufus of choice. It is guaranteed to put a modern spin on his more basic outfits.

Acne Jeans Phoenix Shoes ($249)
When we stumbled upon these black canvas shoes, we had to resist the urge to order them for ourselves. The convenient lace-up style and rubber soles make them perfectly suited for the responsible hipster who likes to stroll around town.

Urban Outfitters iPod Boom Box ($220)
We immediately fell for the retro style of this stereo because it makes us instantly yearn for the eighties. Since most DDs fully appreciate the decade, they will value this sound system just as much and will certainly dig its oversized structure and classic clock/radio.

Filson Padded Laptop Bag ($285)
It's a close call, but we are so besotted with this rugged briefcase that we may venture to say it is our favorite item in today's story. Any guy will appreciate the appeal of a Filson bag (theyÂ've been outfitting prospectors, loggers, and other outdoorsy types since the Gold Rush) as they are authentically awesome. Your DD may choose to use it for work, play, or even as a diaper holder, but two things are for certain: the bag will last forever and always look good.

Dashing and slightly dangerous, the Mod Man is the style equivalent of a sharkÂ--a sexy, sometimes confusing, very sleek shark, that is! Bart Bass might be a fish in name, but heÂ's a stealthy predator in spirit and swims with the likes of Mad MenÂ's equally fearsome and fascinating Donald Draper. An unapologetically urbane man like this deserves smartly chosen gifts that speak to his sharp sensibilities, so spoil him with a blend of gorgeous classics and modern must-haves.

French Connection Bates Jacket ($298)
Our first present addresses the Mod Man's attire and comes in the form of this refined gray blazer. The jacket is an excellent investment on account of its fitted and understated form, so it will be a graciously accepted holiday offering.

Tiffany & Co Tie Bar ($75)
Indulge your high class Bass with a slim, chic, sterling silver tie bar from that bastion of female delight: Tiffany & Co. While lesser men might freak about a gift in a little blue box, we know that the MM is secure enough to appreciate the gesture. The tie bar is a little natty, but the style is super clean, so heÂ'll definitely appreciate it!

Persol 0714 Sunglasses ($224)
These timeless tortoise shades are a mandatory accessory in any MM ensemble and they look good on anyone! Case in point: these exact frames are the sunglasses of choice for such diverse trendsetters as Steve McQueen and Jay-Z.

Hulger Pappa Phone ($300)
This technologically-adept phone sports some seriously old school style, therefore perfectly encapsulating the Mod Man. The walnut-colored device plugs directly into Macs and PCs, allowing for futuristically retro VoIP chats. He can use it with Skype, iChat, and all other forms of videochat, plus it's likely to harmonize well amongst his other home assets.

Mad Men Season One DVD Set ($28)
We couldn't imagine running a Mod Man Gift guide without including the actual Mad Men! The critically-acclaimed show is high quality entertainment, extremely addictive (this may be in part due to our Jon Hamm infatuation), and so fashionable that Michael KorsÂ' entire fall collection was inspired by the characters' style.

Banana Republic BR Monogram Sadler Strap Boots ($275)
If you are looking to truly please your MM this holiday season, why not gift him with a pair of shoes that are as confident as he is? Banana RepublicÂ's Sadler Strap Boots have a sturdy leather structure and subtle buckle details that perfectly showcase the MM's always cool, never common, taste.

Wolf Designs Backgammon Set ($129)
In the words of one editor's boyfriend: "Poker is dead. Play backgammon." We figure anyone that succinct surely knows what he's talking about, so we sought out this stylish set. The black leather case is so dapper that we may just pick up the hobby ourselves.

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