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A confession: IÂ'm lazy, dear readers, especially when it comes to putting myself together. I love style shortcutsÂ--especially the high-impact and no (or low) fuss kindÂ--which is why IÂ'm such a beauty enthusiast. Updating my hair and makeup to current trends and colors is a pretty painless way to embrace a new season and it doesnÂ't require much commitment (time or money-wise). Best of all? I think it might be impossible to get buyerÂ's remorse from a lipstick. Today IÂ'm pleased to present three of my favorite spring looks and some of the best product for achieving these styles. Hope you enjoy!

Look # 1 Fruit Punch
We reported on the runway trend of bright makeup in sherbert shades earlier in the year, but if blue lips (Louis Vuitton) or yellow eyes (Giambattista Valli) are too edgy for your tastes, there are scores of amazing products in beautiful and bold fruity colors. Rihanna recently went matchy-matchy at a pre-Grammy event with deep fuschia lips and nails (which I think looked fantastic), but itÂ's also okay to just amplify a single feature to get this look.

1. Hourglass Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss ($28) in Nectar
Without a doubt, this is my go-to lip shade right now and I wear it constantly (even on WWW TV). ThereÂ's a lot of pigment, so you can get intense color or blot it for a soft, natural look. It also smells like cake batter or frosting, so thatÂ's nice too.

2. NARS Blush in Desire ($25)
DonÂ't freak when you see how PINK this blush is in the case, it goes on so beautifully and gives you that gorgeous healthy flush. Remember that NARS products are really buildable, so start off with a gentle hand and slowly add more until you have a look you like.

3. ck Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick in 105 Charming ($18)
After a few years out of the game, Calvin KleinÂ's back in the makeup arena and the companyÂ's not just making gorgeous neutrals. Hit up Sephora to see the whole range or check out Clear Rose or Mesmerize for wearable bright lips.

4. Essie Nail Polish in Bachelorette Bash and Tangerine ($8 each)
After so many seasons of dark polishÂ--black, wine, blueÂ--bright nails look exceptionally fresh right now. Essie makes two of my favorite fruity bright shades, Bachelorette Bash, a strong raspberry, and Tangerine, a zingy coral.

Look # 2 Big Bounce
IÂ'm sure itÂ's just because I have straight hair, but IÂ'm always obsessed with curls. I'm excited to update fall's perfectly polished, 40Â's starlet curls to springÂ's less precise, slightly 70Â's, big wave style. Whether you try smaller curls, like Chloe Sevigny did at the Miss Sixty show, or larger ones, like on the Gucci runway, this look calls for a center part. Also, I personally like how it looks when the curls donÂ't start until below the ears (like on Sevigny). The smoothness at the crown is a nice contrast to the roots-to-ends curl we see all the time on the red carpet.

1. Kashuk Tools Bristle Hair Brush ($14.99)
If youÂ're in the market for a new brush, seriously consider this incredible and inexpensive one from Sonia Kashuk. ItÂ's exactly like the much pricier Mason Pearson brush in shape and bristles, but for a steal of a price.

2. Frederic Fekkai All-Day Hair Plump ($95)
Hot tools like rollers and curling irons are required to get these bouncy curls, so unfortunately that means is can be a bit of a damaging style. I like to protect and repair my hair from all that heat styling damage with FekkaiÂ's Hair Plump. It acts like a daytime deep conditionerÂ-just apply to your hair while dampÂ--and restores my frazzled locks. ItÂ's expensive, true, but IÂ've noticed a serious difference in the health of my hair.

3. Sally Hershberger Supreme Head Supreme Lift for Normal to Thin Hair ($12.49)
Legendary stylist Sally Hershberger finally debuted her own line of hair products last month (to refresh your memory, sheÂ's responsible for Meg RyanÂ's iconic shag cut and is supposedly the inspiration for the character Shane on The L Word). Her cheekily named Supreme Head line includes this root boost that's perfect for fine-haired gals like me. My hair tends to be on the limp side, but youÂ'd never know it after a few spritzes of the Supreme Lift.

4. Sally Hershberger Supreme Head Star Shine Styling for All Hair Types ($12.49)
Obviously, IÂ'm drinking the Hershberger kool-aid, but I also really love this Star Shine styling spray. ItÂ's really lightweight (so it works equally well on any texture hair) and has a refreshing, faint, rosewater scent. ItÂ's a must-buy, seriously.

Look # 3 Barely Bronze
One of the beauty references at the spring shows was a Brigitte Bardot, 1960Â's, St. Tropez glow. My favorite version of this style was the beauty look at Rag & Bone. I also spotted Heidi Klum recently wearing this naturally sexy, slightly bronzed makeup for the final Project Runway presentations. Total perfection.

1. Max Factor Volume Couture Mascara ($6.29) in Rich Black
IÂ'm a complete and utter mascara fanatic, so naturally I think the barely bronze makeup look really pops when accompanied by super black bold lashes. IÂ'm obsessed with Max FactorÂ's Volume Couture Mascara because the brush has plastic bristles (like the also lovely Chanel Inimitable Mascara), which keeps the product from clumping. Plus, I go through so many tubes, so the fact that the price is nice doesnÂ't hurt!

2. Lancome Star Bronzer Poudre Soleil ($35.50)
Gucci Westman used various shades of LancomeÂ's Star Bronzer at the Rag & Bone Spring 08 show to great effect. Like everything else from Lancome, the powder is really fine and just glides on, so youÂ're never stuck with clumpy tan spots on your face.

3. Nars Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil ($24) in Belle de Jour
As this is a pretty natural look, itÂ's best accompanied by a neutral lip. This new Nars pencil is nice and fat (can you say easy application?) and is in an universally flattering color. Also check your local drugstores for LÂ'OrealÂ's new line of nude lipsticksÂ--theyÂ've got one for every skin/hair color combo.

4. MAC Duo Fibre Face Brush #187 ($42)
Readers, I swear by this brush. I think itÂ's technically supposed to be used as a finishing brush, but I love it for blush or bronzer. Brushes like this one (or Laura MercierÂ's version, also good) blend product amazingly well so that your skin just looks radiantly perfect.

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